10lbs in 3 days is it possible?

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  1. it will mostly be water weight

  2. any great plans out there That won't actually have to starve yourself?

  3. Lose Weight With ULTRA FIT Get in shape eating food! The key to losing weight is to eat good proteins and complex carbs.
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  4. sure..... followed by the GUARANTEE that you'll gain it all back in weeks, if not sooner

  5. possible but it will be water weight and come back quickly

  6. Lose not Loose - BINGO!!!

  7. Excuse me, I'll handle this Stop reading Women's First Magazine!

  8. haha i made the same post a day or two ago

  9. haha i made the same post a day or two ago

  10. Red Lentils

  11. Rice cooker option I put a cup in with my brown rice, add about a cup more of water and throw in some mixed veggies and hit start.
    Healthy, quick and easy if your pressed for time.

  12. May I suggest the easiest way I've come to prepare lentils is by cooking them in vegetable stock (or just water, whatever you prefer), but instead of using a set amount of liquid (like one cup of water to 1/2 cup lentils), I use much more liquid and make sure that they are completely covered with the liquid the whole cooking time. They expand and will hold their form a lot better if they have plenty of liquid over them the whole time they are being cooked.
    Depending on variety, they may be done in about 20 minutes, 5-6 minutes, or other larger, heartier lentils take closer to 45 minutes or even an hour.
    A good way to start them is to rinse them off and add them to your boiling liquid. cook them like that for just about a minute then reduce the temp to just a simmer and cover your pot. Again, the cook time will vary depending on your kind of lentil, so it's just good to check them. You want them soft but also to hold their form. It's not like rice that needs to be covered the whole time.
    I'm sorry its not a more precise measure.... however, know that b/c it's not an exact science, they can be a lot more forgiving!

  13. No, that's great Really good idea. And if I use too MUCH liquid, I can always just drain them. Thank you for the tips. Mucho appreciated.

  14. just an add i had the same problem with red lentils that i bought on a whim with packaging in a different language. i used googled instructions and they worked fine ...
    but i didn't know until later that red lentils don't keep their form like other lentils do. until i found another site that talked about them, i assumed i had done something terribly wrong when i cooked mine and they turned into a mushy pottage.

  15. in my experience soaking red lentils is what makes them really mushy. I just give them a quck rinse. They seem to cook faster than other lentils, also.

  16. Masoor Dal Red Lentils Tarka (Masoor Dal)
    from Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking
    1 1/2 cup red lentils
    1 tsp. dried turmeric
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    3 Tb. veg. oil or ghee
    generous pinch of ground asafetida
    1 tsp cumin seeds
    1-3 dried hot red chiles
    Wash lentils in several changes of water, and drain. Put lentils in heavy saucepan with 5 cups water and turmeric. Stir and bring to a simmer. Cover, such that the lid is slightly ajar, turn the heat to low, and simmer gently for 35-40 minutes or until the lentils are tender, stirring every so often. When tender, stir in the salt, and leave the pot on very low heat while you do the next step.
    To make the tarka, put the oil in a small frying pan set over medium high heat. When the oil is hot, add asafetida, then the cumin seeds. Let the seeds sizzle for a few seconds, then add the chiles. As soon as the chiles turn dark red, lift the lid of the lentil pot and pour in the contents of the frying pan - both the oil and the spices. Cover the lentil pot immediately to trap the aromas.

  17. completing my first long-ish brick two hour bike immediately followed by a one hour run. It was a landmark and I knew then that, fat or not, I was a triathlete.

  18. first pullup. definitely.

  19. I would LOVE to do a pull-up...
    I was never able to in my entire life.. even when I was in kickass shape!
    That would be incredible for me to accomplish!

  20. neither was i. that's why it is my fondest. i was one of the best swimmers on my team, even in our conference, but coudln't pull my own bodyweight for shit.
    no pullups, or chins. pushups were an issue. dips too. it was quite embarassing during circuits/dryland practices sometimes.
    even doing that annoying wheelbarrow walk where someone holds your feet up and you move forward- that was a huge struggle.
    yet i was in AMAZING shape in the pool.
    my personal best for my 100yd back is still probably a better memory than the first pullup (though not workout so ididn't include), but to actually do a PULLUP for the first time in my lift, damn that just felt good.

  21. I bet That's totally awesome. I never could do a pull-up, either. Congrats, NoGood! Keep up the awesome work!

  22. long term goal: 10 perfect pullups :) right in front of "really cute gym guy"...
    man he's so hot!!!!

  23. Awesome! I watched a woman at the gym do a long set of pull-ups last week, and it was really impressive. :)
    Good luck--you'll do it!

  24. I believe it! I mean, it feels great having my jeans be too baggy and not too tight when they come out of the laundry...
    But I need to see some fitness accomplishments!
    I'm going home and doing Bob's resistance bands exercises no matter how tired I am tonight. I'll do it til I pass out if I have to!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. I know this is cheesy But my favorite memory was when my DH was home from Fort Bliss on holiday leave, and we went to the gym together.
    I was workin' hard on the AMT, and he was across the gym, right in my line of sight, doing tricep dips on the parallel bars. I love watching him work out, and it certainly made the time fly by.

  26. Awww! That's really cute!

  27. This weekend. I completed a few cartwheels without feeling like my left leg was going to break off. I fearlessly did a back bend along with a few other moment where I felt like my progress is getting significantly better.

  28. running my first 7 mile run. after that, it became a regular thing I did once a week (shorter runs on other days) until I got injured and stopped running.

  29. A couple My proudest would be when I hit my current personal best at a 5K. I hope to keep bettering that though
    My fondest would probably any of the times I've hung out with friend playing volleyball for hours on end.

  30. ++ you have to LOVE pb's :)

  31. Running/walking in the Eucalyptus groves.... behind our condo with my FH! It is SO serene back there and the trail leads right to the beach! He kinda injured his knee, so we haven't been going lately and he doesn't feel comfy with me going by myself, but his knee hasn't been hurting as much lately, so maybe we can start going again soon!
    I also have fond workout memories when I dated a trainer a few years back, but that's a different story ;)

  32. getting "lost" during a run in Tryon Park.
    I ran for one full hour that day.
    It was great.

  33. my biggest accomplishment/memories When I was in H.S I joined the cross-country team and my first race I thought I was having a asthma attach, needless to say I did not finish.
    Fast forward 4 years later, I earned a partial athletic scholarship, was team captain and have been hooked ever since.
    Anything is possible with sweat and perserverence if you want it bad enough.

  34. It's always the first for me My fondest memory of ANYTHING is always the first of its kind.
    Now, I don't do "workouts" per se, I do sporting activities and "practice" for them. But, in the spirit of the question, given my penchant for "first time is the best time" it would be:
    My first ever organized physical activity of any kind, ever: 100 mile bike ride when I was 14 years old.
    I'm constantly looking for "first time for something else".
    I was always worried that I'd never survive marriage...no more "First times" of that sort....but it's been fine.

  35. My first 20 min run (2 weeks ago) On the couch to 5k program. I didn't think I could do it, and I did.

  36. congratulations :)

  37. Aw thanks! It's been quite a journey. Who knew I could be a runner, right? I'm still "running" a 12+ min mile, but now I can run 2 of them in a row.
    When I'm done with this program, I'm going to start the 5k to 8k program.

  38. congrats! that's mine too! I literally lol'd at my reminder that day and said "yeah right". But I tried it and I did it! It was so rewarding!

  39. Hiking at Silver Creek Falls. I did the full circuit which is about 12 miles with several climbs. I also missed my trail and got a nearby one that had my doing a straight up climb for about an hour before I realized I was on the wrong trail! I was one tired girl at the end of that day!

  40. ooh!! Silver Creek Falls in Big Basin? As in the Berry Creek trail? If so, I've done that 12 mile loop a few times and it's amazing! All the falls - silver, gold and berry. amazing! I posted a photo a little while ago... mmm... let me find it....

  41. It sounds (and looks) similar, but the one I went to was near Silverton, Oregon. There are 8 waterfalls and it is soooo beautiful. I highly recommend it if you are up this way.

  42. The first time I ran non-stop for 30 minutes... I really need to get back in to running. man i miss it.

  43. oh my highschool days When I won "miss high kick"
    lol I was so flexible!! I considered myself fat then.. I look at pictures now and would kill to be that size again!!! and that was only 4 years ago!

  44. 2 running home in a thunderstorm in chicago, soaking wet and worried about the lightning. i made great time - and i never would have believed that i could run that fast for that long if i hadn't had the fear in me.
    and last week, when "my" dumbbells were taken at the gym and so were the next weight down, i made lemonade out of lemons on the decline bench doing oblique bicycle twists. people literally did double takes when they saw them, and my abs and obliques felt like the sheets of muscle they are for the 3 days after.
    i'm not running in the rain today. but i'm going to do those twists again :P

  45. ++ i love twists!!!! what fun!

  46. they were fun with the weights, it felt like i was training for some kind of crazy sport that required throwing or hitting something heavy from weird angles on the ground ... i just don't know what sport that might be.

  47. The day that I was doing Bikram yoga and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and didn't recognize myself. Although I've always been slender, I never had muscles like I had when I was doing an hour and a half of Bikram per day.

  48. Always wanted to try Bikram

  49. Loved Bikram!

  50. last year's Alcatraz Shark Swim 1.3 miles from Alcatraz to the shores of San Francisco in frigid 58* water with several hundred other loonies.
    Best part was my 16-year old son, who had only been swimming competitively for a year, competing in the race and beating me by a few seconds. The look on his face when he realized he had beat the "old man"" was priceless!

  51. Maybe it's because of my fear of deep water, but that sounds crazy! Phew, you'd never catch me doing that, even if I physically could!

  52. well, it's inside the bay, so if there are any sharks, its highly unlikely they are of the variety that will take a bite out of you. But calling it the "Shark Swim" helps to attract people to the event, and it looks good on the resume to say you did it. LOL!

  53. i did an open mile once.... in FL not a "shark swim" but there were jelly fish. lots of jelly fish. we were told not to get in if we were allergic to bees. i think they were man-o-wars (rays? i dont know the name)- the ones with the big lone blue tentacles.
    well...3 of my team fo about 35 got stung. one was completely wrapped in them. you could see the stings in lines across her body.
    another was stung in the eye. thank god for googles.
    the third was stung in the mouth and rushed to the ER as her tongue was swelling. she got in for a practice a few hours later- tough girl!
    no sharks- but still craziness!!!!!! open water swimming... i may avoid that for a while after i lucked out a few years in a row!!!

  54. I've been stung several times in hawaii No fun at all. I can't imagine getting stung on the tongue. Ouch!!!
    Glad to see we can converse without sniping at each other. My apologies for my previous derogatory remarks towards you. Sometimes when I get on my high horse it can be very hard for me to get off.
    And congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the good work!

  55. i dont really care.... or remember... i have people on my list :P i'll have my eye on you of course.
    like i always say, its a freaking forum. you gotta let it roll. if you can't let things roll of your back, you shouldn't be in here.
    i'll converse with many a people i've bickered with. nothing wrong with a heated debate.
    we're all partially here to learn and part of how you learn is debating ideas/concepts/beliefs.
    i dunno... i just dont really take any of it personaly... it's a CL forum!!! lol

  56. Can't he just diet and exercise?

  57. He tried He has tried but has been very hard, he is diabetic and weighing a little over 500 lbs and he only has medicare.

  58. How would insurance NOT cover it? In my understanding if its life or death insurnace covers the cost atleast partially...
    For my uncle the doctors told him he had to actually lose weight BEFORE the surgery in order to reduce some of the risk. And he had crap for insurance and they were willing to pay as long as he met the Dr's orders first.

  59. He only has medicare He is a very poor man with medicare and they said they will not authorize payment. Maybe because there is alot of health risk factors but as he told me being obese is going to kill me, so he wanted to get surgery on his own but cant afford it. I did take some pics and he gave me some letters from his doctors but I dont really know where to go to get some help.

  60. If the doctors wont authorize that means hes high risk and would need to lose weight before the surgery can be considered.
    but there are a few people on this forum who would have been candidates for gastric and have lost a significant amount of weight on their own without surgery.
    I think helping him in a different way would be more beneficial. Gastric does not completely fix the problem... he has to learn a new healthy lifestyle.
    help educate him on good vs bad foods... abt portion control... and the importance of physical movement!

  61. financing there is a wbsite www.carecredit.com, that can offer financing for medical or dental procedures that insurance won't cover. i used this service for my invisalign and it has worked out good

  62. First of all, he should probably look at Lap Band surgery at his size and with his medical risks. It costs a lot less, and while he will lose weight somewhat slower, his diabetes will be in remission within weeks. If not days. Because Lap Band surgery isn't invasive, it's a lot less dangerous for people who have serious health issues but it's as effective at weight loss as gastric bypass.
    Here's the story of a guy who weighed 520 pounds and lost over half of it with Lap Band surgery over two years. He's a journalist and a good writer, so it's a worthwhile read.
    Talk to Walter Lindstrom at the Obesity Action Center - he may have thoughts about how something can be appealed. He's an attorney who specializes in challenging denial of service claims for bariatric surgery.
    Lap Bands can be done in Mexico for $8000 - which is a heckuva lot cheaper than gastric bypass. Sometimes for less. if there is no other way to do it, then I'd encourage you to go to his family and friends and make a pitch that they help pay for it. If he has credit, which I know is unlikely, he can finance it. Go to community and see who you can get to pitch in. $8k is 16 people putting in $500. Or 32 people putting in $250. Call your local newspaper and see if you can get them to do a story on his plight. Call your local tv news as well. Maybe sit down with a local journalism student and put a press packet together. Seriously.
    You need to explain to people that patients who are on insulin frequently cannot, because of the insulin, lose weight even with diet and exercise. People don't know that. Heck, some doctors don't seem to know it. So, you have to explain the biological aspects of weight gain and weight loss, and how difficult it really is.
    One of the women I interviewed was 5'2", weighed 350 pounds and was taking 120 units of insulin a day when she finally got her lap band. She lost 40 pounds the first month - mostly water of course. But it's a few years later, and she's 120 pounds and has no problem keeping the weight off. she's happy now and comfortable.

  63. Great thank you I will definitley take your advice thank you so much, I just dont want this person to die and feel guilty that I didnt try to help. His whole life he has been dedicated to take food to the poor children in Mexico but now with his current condition he is unable to which makes him very sad. Thank you again

  64. I have a friend who has put together a packet and is using that to raise money from the community. Now, she is a journalist, but she works independently has no health insurance. She's lost over 150 pounds three times. But despite the fact that is a moderate eater (by anyone's standards and doesn't eat processed food hardly at all) and exercises quite a bit, it always goes back on. Each time more rapidly. So, she's put together a packet and she is asking her friends, her parent' friends and people in the community to help finance her surgery. She's raised about 10k so far.
    So, if Lindstrom tells you that there is no way to challenge the denial of service, then get a local journalist student to help you put the packet together. Call your local news stations and papers and see what you can do.
    Best of luck.

  65. My daughter can help I will have her help me she is very good at writing and she has journalism class. Thank you

  66. Perfect. Good luck. And if it shows signs of having some success, drop me a line and let me know. I'm doing a documentary on weight loss surgery, and I'd like to hear more.

  67. They may have miscalc'd but having bf% below 20% is fine; only below 10-12% does it start to be a problem for some women. You don't need to gain fat and 24% is not ideal for fitness ; I'd say 18-20% is better.

  68. 18-20? really? http://www.healthchecksystems.com/bodyfat.htm
    thats the website I was looking at...
    and the trainer told me 24% as well to be "fit"
    I would like to go more towards athlete but my first goal is 24%. but still 160 seems quite high for me only being 5'3... I do have large... um chesticles though...

  69. I'll double check at the gym where it's listed on their fitness assessment files.
    I could see 18-20 being athletic, not just healthy. I'll let you know tomorrow, OK?

  70. thanks!!

  71. dont forget human error. if they were using calipers, its very hard to be truly accurate. they may be consistent (so it would be good to measure your trends with) but actual accuracy is difficult.
    and those electrical impedance ones seem to be very inaccurate for the most part.
    either way, unless they're dunking you, it's tough to really get a good reading on BF.
    take measurements. really, get a tape, take measurements. go wiht those. much better. and take pictures. the two of those will tell the story.
    and if you want, get some caliper testing done as well. it can't hurt.
    i always just use as many things as possible and watch trends more than focusing on the actual numbers, since they're so hard to really evaluate.

  72. I did measurements I have not measured again yet
    and I use my "fat pants" to track as well. The pants I bought the day I decided enough was enough.
    pics... i did not... wish I did. But I have plently of gross pictures of me. but I wish I took the full on body grossness shot.

  73. "full on body grossness shot" Ha ha.
    but plenty of gross pictures for me too, that's for sure.
    If I can ever figure out pictures, I might post a before and after.

  74. so take them NOW no excuses. when you get home, get out the digital camera, strip down, let it all hang out (NO SUCKING IN ALLOWED) and take some shots.
    no time like the present. the differences you see will still be drastic.
    and keep on those measurements. clothes will give you some idea, but the actual numbers are good too.

  75. Oh Im not sure I remember how to not suck in when a camera is present...
    Ill see what I can do tonight. I may need some assistance... and some tissues after I upload them
    no photoshopping either right?

  76. lol i know how you feel!!! it was weird letting it hang, but i'm glad i did. i'll have real honest before and after pics.
    and having a really bad before pic just makes the transformation seem so much cooler!! lol looks like you've come very very far.
    and as for photoshop.. maybe only to hide your face if you're like me.
    (oh and i have a "3x" mode on my camera that snaps three shots in a row- just enough time to switch from front to side to back. maybe you have something similar?)

  77. I dont have the 3x but I have a self timer...
    tonight may be a turn for the better... I think I look pretty good right now (or atleast better)
    but letting it all hang out... ugh

  78. If I can guess? First, the 130 is EVERYthing that ISN'T fat, so that includes organs, water, blood, tissue, etc. AND muscle.
    Take whatever # your BF is and keep working hard to get that closer to 25% and see what you look like then?
    And remember - 160 (for example) and lean and strong and fit is WAY, WAY better looking than 160 and soft!

  79. oh that makes sense I guess just re evaluate when I reach 160. He explained to me that keeping the muscle would be key to looking fit at 160, so maintaining a lifting routine is important.

  80. That doesn't sound right While I can't vouche for the validity of this info... 24% seems on the high end.
    160 at 503 comes up as "overweight" in BMI/????

  81. thats what I was thinking it just wasnt coming out clear.
    but if I was 160 and had a lot of muscle mass... would it still be considered overweight? I can understand being 160 and "soft" and that being considered over weight...

  82. If it were me I would get the BF tested at 160 when you get there.
    I would put more stake in that, than the BMI.
    BF% is a more telling figure than weight, IMO.
    Still seems high? I am 506 and in the low 150s.

  83. where do I get it tested at? I dont go to that gym anymore. Still a member but I use my apt. gym now... Could my dr do it??
    I do have a lot of muscle (and fat as well) but my body type I consider "beefy."
    I have always had thick muscular thighs all through dance and even now... but now theres just a layer of fat over them :)

  84. Others probably know more than I do... but from what I know, there are caliper tests, home scales, underwater weighing...
    They have varying degrees of accuracy, depending on the method and expertise of the operator.
    I did underwater weighing at college 20 years ago. I was told it was pretty accurate.
    You could see if that's available at a local university or sports medicine place? You could be caliper tested by a trainer (or buy them). There have been threads here about their usage and reliability here before.

  85. no, thats part of the BMI problem for truly athletic/muscular people it is not accurate. it's accurate for the vast majority of people (how many do you know that really have significant amounts of muscles mass to the point where their weight really surprises you?).
    when you're at the point, especially as a female, that your BMI is saying overweight because of your muscle mass... you'll be freaking ripped. i mean really ripped.
    this is not something likely to worry about.

  86. ok so if I get to 160 would I still be considered overweight??
    I dont get why the trainer would say 160 would be healthy for me...

  87. yes. you would still probably be overweight (i think there's a slightly over normal rating- or something like that- inbetween ideal and obese). i'm not sure either why he would tell you that was healthy. it's healthier for sure. and it's a good start.
    but i'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't have enough muscle mass on you to make 160 healthy. i know certainly don't (and i'm 5'6).

  88. how many lbs should be fat? if that makes sense...
    if Im 130lbs of muscle/organs/blood/etc.
    how many lbs of fat should I be??
    cause my understanding is if I was 130 right now... I would be 0% body fat.
    dangit.. I should just go get dunked

  89. it's up to you. if you have 130lean mass and want to have visible abs (lets say 15%bf) then you would need to be about 153 lbs. (assuming i can do math lol).
    that's kind of a lot of lean mass at 5'3.
    i'm 5'6, and 135 right now. i'm guessing i'm around 20% still. that means i have only 108lbs lean mass, and am 3inches taller. those extra 22lbs of lean mass on someone shorter than me... that's a lot.
    just to give you some reference.

  90. hm then I think getting a second reading would be a better choice. Ill google to find some places that offer a more accurate reading.

  91. Maybe and I'm guessing here and I don't quite remember your starting/current weight, but maybe he wanted to put something out there that was a more atainable/reasonable goal to start with.
    I'm 5'3 too. When I started I was 250 lbs. If you would have told me then that a goal weight for me was 120, I would have been overwhelmed, not thought it possible, and therefore wouldn't work towards it. My goal right now is 150. That in itself is a big loss, but seems more reasonable/manangable to me. I'm a mere 16 lbs from that goal. Once I get there, I'll reassess and see what I want to do then.

  92. ++ agreed. probably a starting goal.

  93. oh yea we set up a few goals my first being 164... I just weighed (on my new scale) and Im 185. He said 164 would be a good first goal to get to in order to be considered healthy...

  94. tough situation to be honest, some foods you are just gonna have to eat. I mean, it's your DH's hometown and i'm sure he wants to share some of his favorite places with you.
    Also, if you are staying with the fam and they treat you to food, it's rude to refuse.
    I know some people say you should stick to your diet no matter what, but I still believe in manners. Also, if it means that much to your DH, then you can do it.
    Trick really is to do it all in moderation as much as possible. Definitely try to curb the alcohol as much as possible. Sip lots of water so you stay full.
    Honestly, you can still enjoy food and be around all that food and not eat too much if you really care. Just chew very slowly so it doesn't seem like you are not eating b/c you are neurotic.

  95. moderation is key obviously dont binge on all those foods. Take what you plan to eat and dont go back for seconds. Obsessing over it will only make it worse and make your trip less enjoyable.
    I still enjoy many of my favorite foods. I just eat less of them. a "diet" does not have to be torture!
    good luck! and enjoy your trip!

  96. Thanks for the advice! :) You're right: Everything in moderation is the name of the game. I am a little worried about my ability to do so, but I'll just keep thinking about my goals and hopefully that'll get me through.
    I'll be sure to write when I return and let you know how I did! :)

  97. keep your eye on the prize!!! moderation should be tackled right away. If you are tempted to go back for seconds ask yourself...
    "am I satisfied or still hungry?"
    then-- "is it worth it to get more when Im already satisfied with the amount Ive ate?"
    little things go a long way :)

  98. Just use what you know You know how to order well. You can definitely sample things without eating an entire portion. You know when to say "I'm full!" even though you'll mean "I'm not quite full, but I've eaten enough". You might gain a little, but you'll have a great time.

  99. Avoid the poutine It isn't served in the home. It's a restaurant dish. On the flip side, Quebec is famous for their cuisine, so enjoy in moderation.

  100. allow your body to heal you wont be able to just jump up the next day and be ready to run after all that mess you went through. Relax and focus on getting better. Clearly stay away from crap food but dont worry so much about getting back out there. Drink plenty of fluids and rest!

  101. Similar boat here.... ...It was a "celebratory" weekend for me and I ate a lot of things I shouldn't have. I am now back on track...just back to my diet, eating lost of greens, and drinking tons of water.
    Don't beat yourself up. Like someone else said: everybody falls, so just back up and start with a clean slate from this day forward! :)

  102. Go for a walk in the shade as much as possible, take only water, and don't stay out for more than an hour; you'll feel better afterwards.

  103. it will mostly be water weight

  104. any great plans out there That won't actually have to starve yourself?

  105. Lose Weight With ULTRA FIT Get in shape eating food! The key to losing weight is to eat good proteins and complex carbs.
    email me for more information.

  106. sure..... followed by the GUARANTEE that you'll gain it all back in weeks, if not sooner

  107. possible but it will be water weight and come back quickly

  108. Lose not Loose - BINGO!!!

  109. Excuse me, I'll handle this Stop reading Women's First Magazine!

  110. haha i made the same post a day or two ago

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