1:12AM and wanting to eat b4 sleeping.

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  1. Well, it's not the best Aside from the sodium, eating right before you sleep isn't good since your body doesn't get a chance to metabolize the food.
    What about drinking a cup of flavored tea or a glass of milk? The fluid will give you a full feeling and the flavor can be a sweet treat.

  2. I thought that was a dieting myth.

  3. agree dieting myth

  4. which part?

  5. that your body doesn't metabolize food while you're sleeping or after a certain time in the evening. Your metabolism runs 24/7.

  6. ok, yes, i stated that badly Sorry. It metabolizes the food but from what I've read it's not as efficient at it and more of the calories are turned to fat because you aren't moving.
    Who knows, I could well be wrong. I still think eating a lot before bed, particularly high sodium things like canned veggies, is not a great idea.

  7. I don't know about the green beans but I wouldn't eat the cookies. I started eating more in the day, and by night I was full.
    I think if you could eat the whole box of m&m cookies, you maybe deprived yourself of some calories today.
    Good night.

  8. good quality snack before bed i recommend eating a small portion of good quality protein before bed. it will stabilize blod sugar to help you sleep through the night and it will not convert to fat, typically refined carbs will.

  9. my $.02 Personally, I can't fall asleep if I'm hungry. So I have a little something if I need to. I'd choose frozen vegetables over canned tho. They only take a couple minutes longer to heat up.
    Munching on green beans is way better than caving into those sweets.
    As for Oprah. She may be the most famous yoyo dieter out there. If I want advice on how to be famous, or become rich. I'd look to her for advice. If I wanted to know how to loose weight and keep it off, I'm going to look to someone who's actually accomplished this.
    (I don't watch much TV so correct me if she's figured that out)

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