A "one of the guys" question TMI WARNING!

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  1. i'm similar when i change my carbs TMI answer coming...
    right now i'm low carb during the week, carb up weekends. well sunday night through tuesday night i probably poop just about every time i use the bathroom. sometimes 5-6 times a day, and sometimes in very large quantities (obviously some are smaller). I lost 4.5 pounds over the course of the day this past monday!
    three times, meh. i say no biggie. if you're not having consistency problems, probably nothing to worry about.
    i know my BF says when he's bulking he typically goes just about every time he eats.
    overall, if the consistency is good, i would be more worried about going too INfrequently than too often.

  2. That makes sense I know that when I was eating 3 LARGE (over-eating) meals, I would ALWAYS go right after.
    But I was stuffing myself.. It was always high-carb, high fat...etc.
    Hence my 40lb overall weight gain that I'm trying to take care of.
    I guess I was just used to going very little, so, for a single cup of FiberOne to effect me so much, I was a little shocked!
    I guess it's true that fiber really moves EVERYTHING along!

  3. fiber really gets me going... when i (over)take fiber pills (mine taste like candy lol) i can definitely tell the next day. things are "moving" to say the least!
    i wouldn't be surprised if the extra bit of fiber is making a significant difference... especially if it's a change you've recently made.
    aynways, i dont think you have anything to worry about.
    i dunno... pooping always makes me feel healthier anyways lol. so like tigress said, sit back and enjoy?

  4. what kinda pills?

  5. I'm going to buy some at lunch. I need more regularity, if you know what I mean! Do ya take them every day?

  6. i take them as needed as i get "backed up" lol. i'm not very consistent lately...
    but they're kinda pricey, so i try not to use them unless i need it.
    def go to a target type store (they're usually 10-12 there as opposed to 16-17 at CVS)

  7. Thanks! I'm never regular - it's been better recently with increased water intake, but I still haven't (pardon my dude-ness) had a satisfying dump in ages :(
    Tough life....

  8. We take these too. They have em at Costco now, too! I second the Smarties thing. They are really yummy!

  9. heh. I go every morning as soon as I get up...and then 1 more time later in the day. And thats pretty much everyday.

  10. haha! After a huge iced coffee and a cup of fiber one...
    Good to GO!

  11. omg coffee is killer. I used to drink a ton of coffee and I would go 3 or 4 times within a few hours. It was always really runny and horrible. Now that is tmi.
    Coffee doesnt agree with my tummy. I have added 1 small cup of black coffee in everyday though.

  12. same here.

  13. me too usually once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. and maybe one more at night depending on what I've eaten.

  14. Same here. And I use to be only one a day, but since I've started eating better, two has become a regularity! (Get it? A pun!) :)

  15. yo once every 2-3 days is not the norm, once a day is!
    Consistency is key - if you're noticing odd textural changes, that may be something to be concerned about, but if not, then just... sit back and enjoy it :)

  16. lol!

  17. I think it's the change, rather than the cereal. I've got fiber one in my pantry, next to the benefiber, the oatmeal, the shredded wheat, and the many, many cans of beans- yet I'm STILL lucky if I get to go on two different days.
    But if I eat a meal with a radically different composition than I usually eat (say, high fat, high animal fat, or high sugar -) then I'm guaranteed to go.
    My bad, no-science theory about this is:
    I think it's because the digestive environment for fats and proteins is different than carbs- carbs require lots of starch-busting enzymes, protein has different ones - fat requires lots of bile to emulsify, but doesn't effect fluid balance; fiber can pull water from the intestines, and whisks away bile...therefore, the body has to totally shift gears, make different stuff, change timing - and maybe it freaks out a bit, goes overboard.

  18. ok I go 2 or 3 times a day on a regular basis. Sometimes, depending on if I've had an extra high fibre day it can be 4 or 5 (or more...*shakes fist at lima bean can*)

  19. when I was little... I really loved lima beans. My mom and her friends started calling me "the bean" my middle name is justine so I thought my name was Kendyl Justine the bean. When I went to kindergarten and introduced myself as such...they laughed and I had to learn the truth about my name...it was tragic.

  20. aw that's sad and cute!

  21. ohhh so cute. and i love your name(s).

  22. Ha! thanks...My moms a good picker.

  23. hey i had a small plate of lima beans last night at dinner and thought of you.

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