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  1. I prefer peanut butter and banana slices. And oat bread.

  2. are you planking?

  3. I actually did do my planks yesterday. Thanks for asking.

  4. Elvis? Sounds really good.

  5. That'd have been with bacon. I don't do bacon. Oscar Mayer's ruined it for me. Years ago.

  6. Yeah, the bacon does put a twist on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_sandwich

  7. And I probably wouldn't have fried it either. Although broiling open faced in a toaster oven might have been an option. You know. Just enough to get the banana and peanut butter bubbling.

  8. did you accept the challenge? are YOU planking?

  9. Sorry Newbie ;) That stipulation isn't present in the "Planking for Recipes" Challenge.

  10. newbie this, sucka *gestures* I may have just started posting, but I've been reading here for over a year

  11. ++

  12. PB&J does not rate a plank. The recipe needs to be something plankworthy.

  13. think Elaine on Seinfeld.

  14. totally doesn't count as a recipe bob, but I'll plank anyways :P

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