Any one see Biggest Loser last night? It

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  1. i tried to post about it before!!! but my computer told me no lol.
    i was soooo psyched to see dan knocked off his high horse. he was just getting to be a huge ass.
    i wasn't so keen on Alli getting recognized for "most weight lost on campus by a woman" though. i mean, awesome for her, but she WASN"T ON CAMPUS the whole time. doesn't seem like a fair record for her to have.

  2. who left? I missed the end

  3. dan heck yea

  4. ...finally :D

  5. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Yes, please read in the sarcasm...

  6. what a jackass, seriously. if i had to hear him tear those women down one more time... geeze....what a stereotypical machoman.
    "these women will never beat me"
    "those girls have no chance"
    "no way those Girls will drop more than me"
    "we're going to slaughter them"
    and then.....
    "mommmmmmmy... only one pound!" i think i literally squealed with joy.
    i'd be interested to look up how often he actually beat the ladies (%wise)

  7. Ditto! I watched it this morning from the DVR...oooh, you would have thought I was watching football, I was yelling at the screen. Seriously, I was so riled over Dan's comments and the behavior of that team...whoo!! My ire was up!
    On a positive note- you gotta hand it to Ali and Kellie! I have disliked Kellie because of all the blessed crying, but she kicked butt at the weigh in
    :-) I am pulling for either her or Alli.
    Before the weigh in I was thinking, if one of the girls goes home I won't watch again until next season or until they do an all female cast.

  8. spoiled it! i tivod it since i was at the steve miller band concert last night (awesome, btw).

  9. heh. I saw them with the dead in 92 fun show

  10. oh too fun I bet it was good. I saw them once when I was 4 or 5 with my dad...I don't know if it was the BEST show I've ever been to but definitely one of the most memorable.

  11. wow blast from the past.. i saw him when i was young.
    glad you had fun!

  12. oh yeah! not the BEST show for me either, Amanda, as I think seeing Fleetwood Mac with my pops about 10 years might have been the best. :) oh wait, but then there was that sonic youth show that was absolutely amazing about 8 years ago...i don't know, that's a toss up!

  13. Oh man I'd love to see Fleetwod Mac and Sonic Youth...I think my favorite concert would be between Chris Cornell and Roger Waters, such a toss up.

  14. oooh, roger waters would be awesome to see! did your dad influence a lot of your musical influences, like mine did? i think we may be half sisters....jk!

  15. Definitely My dad has a really eclectic taste in music, and I've picked that up. My dad was into your usual classic rock, and then he was really into a lot of metal (iron maiden, yup - waay up there on the list), my mom was really into punk when she was younger, and stuff like Alice Cooper (also high up on the best concerts I've been to list) and then she got into a lot of the grunge when it came out so picture me at 9 or so rocking out to Nirvana and the Ramones. And my step dad is really into Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Leonard I have a lot of musical influences.

  16. interesting i thought my dad was the only "cool" dad out there. ha. i also thought that he was super cool because he wasn't even born/raised here and still had electic taste in music.

  17. Really? Where's your dad from?
    Yah, my parent's are pretty rad

  18. Have you looked at it this way.... first, she was only off a couple of weeks.
    In those weeks the people on campus got to concentrate 24/7 on diet and exercise. They had food there for them, a gym and their trainers.
    While on her own it was all up to her. She went back to her regular life and routine. Kudos to her to not only keep at it, but as she did as well, and better than others, than the ones at the ranch.

  19. i totally agree that it was probably harder but i still dont think it should be hers technically.
    i think the title also reflects gameplay inherently, because the people on campus the longest have a better chance at losing more. and she didn't succeed as far as gameplay goes.
    hence, i dont think it really should be hers. or they should come up with a different record to give her.

  20. Sorry, again I have to say, however, she went out as a team. I think her mother was the reason they were voted out, not her.
    I'm sorry, I just have to appauld and celebrate her success, no matter how, or where, it happened. She's amazing.
    I just so wish Brittany's hard work had the same results. I can't wait to see her at the finale. I hope she lost a lot.

  21. im applauding it with you, definitey!!! dont' get me wrong on that. i think it's astounding what she's done. and a total inspiration for all.
    i'm just a stickler for technicalities :)
    plus i want Kay to forever go down in BL history lol. she was unbelievable.
    second on wanting Brittany to look super hot. she's my fav this season. what a real woman!

  22. Yes...Brittany rocks too! I would love Ali to win BL and Brit to win Biggest At Home Loser.
    I don't have anything against Dan really...though, he was an ass. What I hate about him has nothing to do with's that he reminds me of my former roommate who moved out without paying the last months rent. lol

  23. Looking forward to watching it but it's not available for download yet. I'm going to watch the latest of the Aussie version in a few minutes. They have an episode every day, alternating between 30 minute and 1 hour episodes.

  24. links? or od i need cable?

  25. I use bittorrents because I don't have cable.
    This is the one I use to find files:
    And I use utorrent to download. Then I can just play them on my laptop and delete once watched.

  26. I hope Ali wins it! It would be great to see a woman win the show. She just needs to stay out of the bottem two and make it to the finale and then I think she may have it in the bag.

  27. Why do you hope a woman wins it? That sounds biased (sexist).

  28. great job they did great, she has lost 89 lbs, I think it was just the drive to beat the guys

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