Any Saturdayers here?

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  1. heyy!! i am here... I don't technically have to work on Saturdays I just have so much damn work lately! which is both good and bad i guess
    what are your lunch options that you do have available?
    I had a bad day yesterday (indian food is a weakness) but am not going to let it stop me from having a great day today

  2. uh well since I'm on first aid, I'm not allowed to leave so whatever is in the vending machine. And if I'm lucky there'll be a cup of soup left. I may scrounge around the freezer and steal someones microwave dinner (I'll replace it)
    Sorry yesterday wasn't so great. But yes, don't let it stop you from making today great!

  3. yuck Vending machine food. I hope you find something edible.

  4. me 2 maybe I'll bat my eyelashes at one of the guys when they are on lunch and get them to hit up tim horton's for me.

  5. its funny you should mention vending machine because they too are a huge weakness of mine. I usually just get a bag of pretzels (or maybe some sort of granola bar/ bag of peanuts?) in order to avoid getting anything else.
    Many of my childhood/ past memories include times with different people counting out change to decide what we can get from the vending machine to make the most of our (usually limited) sum.
    but the microwave dinner doesnt sound too terrible for a desperate situation
    good luck!

  6. hey, ct no email from you has come in yet to irondifo at
    just a reminder if you still were interested.

  7. sent! thanks

  8. I'm up I've been getting so much sleep since my surgery! I can't wait to lift weights again. Hope you guys have an easy day at work.

  9. are you feeling better missnb?

  10. a little every day - thanks!

  11. glad to hear!

  12. I'm stuck @ work too. It's pretty slow here

  13. I'm here for a bit I was going to do a long run this morning but I opted to sleep in instead. I just did some lower body and core stuff. Now I'm waiting for my sister to get up to see if she wants to go for a nice long walk, because it's beautiful outside!

  14. Nice sometimes sleeping in is totally necessary

  15. Agreed I definitely needed it after this past week...I worked 3 doubles in a row Mon, Tues, Wed. Plus I still managed to get 4 morning runs in somehow. When my alarm went off this morning I thought about running, and my body just said no.

  16. no kidding that's a lot for your body to take on. I'm glad you opted to stay in bed.

  17. Sometimes we're more productive when our bodies are properly rested.

  18. Me too I was originally hoping to run this morning and sleep in tomorrow. Now that I'm thinking about it, that probably wouldn't have been such a good idea anyway, since then I wouldn't be able to sleep Sunday night.

  19. yup Saturdays are my usual sleep in days and I try to get up around 7 on Sunday mornings otherwise I won't sleep sunday night.

  20. Usually I'm the same. I don't know why I was thinking it would be a good idea to do the opposite this week. Must have been overtired!

  21. always lucky me though i only have to work a party tonight, so while everyone else is out having fun with loved ones, im at work till 3 am.

  22. what is your line of work, ittybitty?

  23. catering- off site work in the kitchen to prepare the food-
    then bring it to the place (home/ event place etc) and have a party till god knows when they are full.

  24. you have your tea, I hope? 'morning, Amanda.

  25. morning bells tea in hand right the moment.

  26. yay for caffeine! boo for vending machine food.

  27. ya major boo I made such a kick ass lunch too!

  28. waves *hi* just popping in DH is watching the Olympics & I'll be running errands shortly. Hope your day goes OK. Good for you starting it off with a run!

  29. I'm here.... I was in a bit of a rush this morning getting ready for a wedding shower I'm going to tonight (I had to bring several dishes)... but it was soooo gorgeous out, I had to do something outside, so I went for a quick bike ride..
    Why can't it be this beautiful all the time?
    Why do I have to be inside all day? :(

  30. i'm the opposite for first aid we are going a fake emergency scenario where a "guy" (aka the first aid dummy) gets crushed by a machine and so I'll be outside in the +30 heat with no shade until the fire department/ambulance gets here to "save him". So I'm going to be outside watching the whole thing and will be out there for at least an hour. I'm not looking forward to this.

  31. it's supposed to be hot here too, 92 degrees F. Was it really humid in BC yesterday? Everyone around me was complaining about the heat. It was in the 80's, which I don't think is that bad, but the air was unusually heavy.

  32. it is fabulous in chicago.
    i've already spent several hours outside and i'm going back out NOW.
    i hope everyone has a marvelous day!

  33. thanks min. I should get my myself outside and do some gardening. Have a marvelous day yourself!

  34. yeah it's disgustingly humid.
    I just finished my training and I'm beat red and just dripping with sweat. ughhhh

  35. Yuppers, a 12 hour shift I've been awake since yesterday afternoon because I couldn't sleep last night, so I just stayed up watching Friends on DVD until 6 when I had to get ready and come to work. It's gonna be a rough one. I've got absolutely no energy. I ate a big bowl of cereal and had a small cup of black coffee, but there won't be any exercise today. Just a nap when I get home tonight at 7...and then most likely a party, haha.

  36. go eat some protein that big bowl of cereal is going to make you hungry and tired later for sure.

  37. yeah I feel like anything I eat from this point on will just be a waste of calories because I'm basically just going to bed right when I get home. Staying up this long really makes my appetite go away anyway. Now I just feel a little sick from the coffee (I don't usually drink it) ha. I should've eaten grilled chicken before I came in. That would've been so much better now that I think about it.

  38. in and out i've been up since 6, done 3 loads of laundry, made the husband chilaquilles, started the ironing, walked the dogs, watched some olympic field hockey, investigated my new cuisinart, done the dishes X2, finished the soup from the other day and am about to head out into the world to look for an interesting lamp at the flea market and then get my hair cut. it's 75 degrees here and immenently rainy - a hugely welcome change after the past few weeks of 100+ temps.
    we caught michael phelp's 7th medal win last night while at a restaurant after teh 5k. the entire dining room stopped to watch him go. dara torres swims the finals of the 50 m woman's freestyles tonight at 10 edt. i've already announced that i'll be a tv potato during this time period :)

  39. now I feel like a complete slacker!
    OT, I was able to make a few killer shots last night playing pool. It was sooo fun! Lots of crummy shots, of course, but I had some moments like the old days, when I was a half-way decent shot. :)

  40. pft i'm just reveling in wearing blue jeans for once.
    your pool game sounds like part of a fun night :)

  41. Saturdayer here I'm avoiding housework ;D

  42. me too. and yard work. I'm hosting a cooking light dinner club here tomorrow, and it would be really nice to eat outside. I planted my backyard with a tropical theme, and it's very pleasant when it is maintained. Unfortunately, when you leave town for a month, a tropical garden turns into a jungle. Ugh. I am going to drink my coffee, and suck it up. Wanna give me a push out the door?

  43. *pushes you gently* into the jungle :D

  44. hand me the machete I'm goin' in.
    ty, snow :)

  45. ha! i am here, too got a LOT of sleep last night. having a lazy morning. need to get some chores done, soon.

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