Anyone make their own whole grain muffins?

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  1. I have, blueberry bran muffins The recipe's at home, though, but it involved soaking bran flakes in soy milk (I'm lactose intolerant), adding some ww flour, and can't remember what else. They were really good.

  2. i've made whole wheat muffins before - for me, they are usually a little tougher and don't rise as high as regular muffins. but i also am a wingit baker and have yet to use an actual recipe made for whole wheat muffins.
    i have, however, made quickbread cakes with this recipe and a pan of muffins with them - and it was very good:
    i added orange zest to it.

  3. I recently made yummy pumpkin oat muffins that were listed on spark people
    add more spice than they tell you to, and I would say try to make fewer bigger muffins or eat 2 muffins if it's your breakfast, cause these are pretty puny.
    my entire family, even the non dieters, really liked them!

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