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  1. Haven't heard of it... but one way to cut calories in yogurt is to get plain and add fresh fruit or preserves yourself. If you've never tried greek yogurt I highly recommend it. I'm sure it's more calories than that stuff but I think it's best to stay away from artificial additives when possible.

  2. yogurt dannon light 'n fit is only 60cals
    Activia light is only 70cals
    Fage greek yogurt is 90 cals for a LOT of yogurt (I don't always eat all of it) and has a lot of protein, etc.
    IMO the 40-50 cal difference is worth it to stay away from all the sugars, etc. They'll probably just make you feel hungrier afterwards anyway.

  3. thank you! I'll go check those out when this pack of BioSalud is up.
    Again, thanks for all the information.

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