Breakfast and what did you pack for lunch?

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  1. Mine: Breakfast: Oatmeal and a bowl of fruit, coffee
    Lunch: Spinach salad with raspberries, oranges, walnuts, grilled chicken, cukes, carrots and 1 tbsp. EVOO. MMM...I can't wait!

  2. whole wheat english muffin with earth balance and lunch was a bowl of mushroom soup, 1 peice of bread with alittle peanut butter and 2 kiwi.

  3. that was meant to go under the OP

  4. Mine Snack after morning run: 1/4 cup scrambled egg whites with salsa, 1 slice cinnamon raisin ezekiel toast (dry), coffee with a splash of 1% milk.
    Breakfast: 1 cup plain ff yogurt with 1/2c blueberries and 1/2c Kashi GoLean Crunch.
    Lunch (soon!): Bowl of homemade Lentil soup and a tossed salad with a ton of different fresh veggies and balsamic.
    Afternoon snack will be a small banana.

  5. 1 egg & 4 whites w/ chipotle salsa

  6. Breakfast was cottage cheese with ground flax seed and just a touch of maple syrup, and a glass of apple cider made at a local orchard. It was the last glass of the stuff. I only bought a quart because I simply had to try it. Excellent cider!
    I did not pack a lunch because I was running late, so I'll have to go buy something. I'm thinking possibly a brown rice and veggie bowl from Samurai Sam's.

  7. Mess: yogurt, grape nuts, blueberries, cottage cheese, granola, walnuts,and strawberries.About to grab a turkey wrap here in a minute.
    For lunch I am going to just snack on fruit and turkey.

  8. Breakfast: peanut butter toast, plain yogurt. Lunch: Plain yogurt, peanut butter toast.
    I was up all last night throwing up- this morning, I woke up feeling inexplicably, mysteriously better, but I'm not taking any risks. If I get home still feeling fine, I might branch out and have a banana, some yogurt, and peanut butter toast.
    Tomorrow there will be veggies, and color, but today- none.

  9. Bummer!

  10. My stomach was a little dodgy this morning so I just opted for a shake and some steamed spinach with walnuts.
    I have some crab meat and some carrots as a meal, another shake and an apple as well as a salad with tuna and ginger dressing for later.
    I'm meeting a girlfriend for dinner tonight then off to the gym afterward. Thank goodness for 24 hour gyms... how I heart thee.
    I was lifting heavy weights last night... and I'm very sore, I have missed this feeling so much. Tonight is chest and biceps with some expolosive one armed snatches mixed in (if the gym is relatively empty)
    :) Have a great day difo.

  11. I had a LATE breakfast of wheat toast topped with artichoke garlic hummus and 1/2 cup broccoli sprouts, and a bowl of mandarin oranges with Wallaby organic peach yogurt.
    I have been sick all weekend, so I'm trying to go light this morning and hope my stomach doesn't start acting up again. I need more calories and more protein, so I think I'll make a chicken wrap for lunch in one of my big ol' spinach tortillas.

  12. ooomg artichoke garlic hummus? did you make or buy?

  13. Just bought it :) Athenos makes it. It's deeeeelicious.

  14. here's a link It's in the second row of the 7oz containers
    Yummy, yummy stuff. I used it as sandwich spread, or on top of a baked potato.

  15. Any recipe?

  16. Mine Breakfast: Hard boiled egg (1/2 yolk), cukes, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, avocado, brown rice, & Laughing Cow & swiss lite cheeses.
    Lunch: Broiled salmon, green salad, roasted veggies, baked potato chips

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