breakfast of champs

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  1. he also swims 5 hours a day I heard in an interview he gave on MSNBC that he said he eats between 8 and 10,000 calories a day to MAINTAIN his 200lb weight. I'm going to go do some laps in the pool now. LOL.

  2. Tough to type when you're drunk, eh?

  3. You know, you could just ask, Bob

  4. Ask what? If it's a common occurrence in his house to be drunk by Noon, if he types with his feet, and/or if he is on prescription medications?

  5. Better than just ASSuming he's drunk Maybe his arm is in a sling.
    Who knows?

  6. Is that what it looks lie to type with ones arm in a sling? I'll anxiously await Packy's answer nonetheless...

  7. So go ask him. It seems to be really bothering you.

  8. It seems to bother you more?
    I just get a kick out of grown adults that type like this:
    chzz on brocl, he does not like brocklie that much
    we also are kepping an eye on kattie also.
    a lean peice what eer is on sale
    yes i used sauge also
    Anyway, I did suggest this before. His response?

  9. i am gong to typ likke this jus to bugg you now.
    heh heh

  10. I agree. I think that'd be neat! Of course, you should be held accountable, no? You have to type like a one-armed, drunken ringer from here on out - just to annoy me, of course.

  11. did you hear the one about the dyslexic agnostic?
    He wasn't sure if he believed in Dog.

  12. no i am not drunk my spelling is bad, as i am a verry slow typeist, and i am usley working and in and out.
    so sorry that i do not met your standards in spelling!
    i guess you are the teacher with the red pen!!

  13. what do you do for work?

  14. why so you can put someone down more thank you for all of your kind words.
    i guess you like to point everybody faults out, hope you are near perfict as you want every one else!

  15. Just curious Pack-Man...just curious. Could you do me a favor and show me where I point "everybody faults out," 'cause that isn't really my M.O.

  16. aw cute pack-man, good nickname bob!

  17. in bobs defense... the spelling thing really irritates me and I was curious about it myself.

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