Brown Rice Tortillas really suck to use

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  1. Try warming them first.

  2. Yum, warm tuna/spinach wrap... NOT

  3. Don't warm the tuna, just the wrap. 15 second in the microwave.
    ...and I LIKE warm tuna...

  4. I just tested it at work ... the results Still not good. Better, but not good. OK, I give up on these brown rice tortillas... the rest will be fried in oil to make chips.

  5. Try baking them instead of frying, maybe?

  6. Well, you're a real ball of sunshine Bret!

  7. Try putting tortilla between 2 moistened papertowels (et the papertowels & squeeze all the water out)& microwave for about 20 to 30 secs.

  8. make enchiladas with them!! !! they will be so good.

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