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  1. That is a total bummer! I was looking for adult swimming lessons too recently and couldn't really find anything appropriate. I feel like I'm a pretty strong swimmer, so I don't want to take a "learn how to float" class. Blah. Oh well, I can't really afford it right now anyways!

  2. Ask about a wait list in case someone drops out Might be a stretch but worth a phone call.
    Or ask them how many people it would take for them to add a class & go round up a bunch more friends. :) Maybe if enough people ask, they'll add something.

  3. great suggestion.

  4. i've had this problem in chicago, too I was going to attempt a tri-sprint this year, but I haven't had time to train for swimming at all, and classes fill up quickly.
    If you have a friend or two who is willing to do it with you, maybe you can engage a swimming instructor together on your own. I know a lot of personal trainers will take on a couple of clients at a time and just let them split their usual hourly cost. It might be worth asking around if there's a swimming instructor who might do the same. You'd get more individual attention, though you might have to fight for pool space with all of Madison.

  5. Was this at the YMCA? I'd try there if you're still looking.

  6. Jinx!

  7. Do you have a local YMCA? I know the YMCA offers swimming classes, and they usually offer 1 or 2 of them every six weeks, and the fee is pretty reasonable.
    Okay wait... the YMCA in Madison, on Kings Road, offers an adult swim class. It's ongoing all year, and you can register for it starting August 26th. :)

  8. Summer is almost over, what about fall classes?
    I know the swim schools in Tulsa offer June and July classes for Summer and Aug and Sept classes for Fall.

  9. Gah! Almost over?! *sniff* it just barely got here!

  10. If summer be 90 days, it's not yet 30% over

  11. there are swim schools here?

  12. Yeah. Miller Swim School. It's around Lafortune Park area.

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