Coffee saga

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  1. i am not a normal coffee drinker but (actually i dont drink coffee at all)
    but i do know you need to drink a lot more water when you do drink coffee
    you may have just been dehydrated...

  2. It happens to me, but only with hot coffee. It has the complete opposite effect on me than what it is actually supposed to do (keep you awake.) LOL! It makes me very tired and and sluggish and I usually get a slight headache too. That's whay I try to stay away from it as much as possible.
    Iced coffee however doesn't do this to me...?

  3. could it have been that the emotions that you were working on repressing were manifesting themselves in other ways, and that the coffee wasn't directly responsible?

  4. Whew... coffee. I was a regular drinker (3 large mugs a day) and gradually tapered off. I then only drank water and herbal teas.
    Last month I had a visitor who drinks coffee, so I drank coffee every morning for two weeks. Then I decide to stay up all night (with coffee) to prepare for an early morning trip. I finally got five hours sleep the next night, then up all day, 8 hours sleep the following night and headed out on the road again in the morning.
    I had to quit coffee cold turkey when I came home, it's been about a week. A couple cups of green or white tea in the morning helped to wean me of the caffeine withdraw.
    Headache is a withdraw symptom of caffeine, if drinking it gives you withdraw that quickly, you may choose to avoid drinking anything but decaf in the future.

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