contest: suggest new handle for the_pathetic_me

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  1. My_Bad_Self Like "Get down with your bad self!" or,
    "What did you do today?"
    "I took my bad self to the gym, that's what I did."

  2. lol there used to be a chicago poster named TheBadness. i loved interacting with that handle. when i met him in real life, he was a touch of a nebbish. message boarding with him after just wasn't the same.

  3. what does it mean to be nebbish?

  4. it's from yiddish it's a noun - a nebbish :)


  5. Hot_Biotch the_happy_me
    I don't know, not too creative here..
    I like the first one best! My girlfriend and I use to call each other HRB1 and HRB2 to describe what we wanted for ourselves in the future. I think we had just joined weight watchers and took a different spin on the whole, "be positive" lesson.

    HRB = Hot Rich Bitch. :)

  6. or sexy biotch.=)

  7. no_more_regrets

  8. her_royal_hotness my_fine_self

  9. the_proactive_me I like it, its take charge!

  10. ImAnAfter

  11. The_Awesome_Me

  12. The_Improving_Me

  13. back in effect

  14. ImaRockstar

  15. Cant_Touch_This

  16. aestimbilis or ms_estimable
    or even simpler,
    let's sing now ...
    R E S P E C T
    find out what it means to me
    R E S P E C T
    take care, TCB

  17. you know, i always wondered.. what does the TCB stand for?

  18. take care of business or if you are elvis, taking care of business.

  19. oh! thanks. :)

  20. Aw. Thanks for the suggestions everybody.
    I am not adverse to changing my handle, but alas, I am out of handles.
    I am told that I can create a new account, but haven't figured that out yet.
    I can barely pay a bill today.


  21. register a new email address logout of cl.
    register new email address on cl.
    add handle.

  22. How do I register a new email address? Hubby usually does all the computer stuff.
    I am brain dead.

  23. you use a free email provider, like gmail or hotmail or gmx.
    you sign up for a new account following the free email provider site's directions.
    then you use that email address to register a new cl account and handles.

  24. you have a bad case of stay-at-home-mom brainrot. The cure is to spend some time away from tiny people who talk about Barbies and Barney (or whatever the subject du jour is). You have to trust me on this!

  25. the_pathetic_me_nomore

  26. the_skinny_me

  27. Newfound_Hotness Heh?

  28. I like this one

  29. Niiice!!! You go girl!

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