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  1. library check out some from the library
    they usually seperate cook books by type of cooking then author

  2. virtually everything you want is on the internet, espeically 'healthy', 'light', and 'diet' recipes. Do some googling and you'll find plenty of great receipes. Most sites have searches where you can put in an ingredient you like, such as chicken or salmon, and it will give you recipes.

  3. her recipes look nice - they are easy and use natural ingredients.
    here is the link for other's who were wondering what she makes:
    i think you would like eating well's recipes - they have an online database that goes with their magazine and they publish cookbooks. i have the "healthy in a hurry" one.
    here is the link to the database:
    the link to their cookbooks:
    i also think you would like Supernatural Cooking by Heidi Swanson. here's the link:

  4. Dr. John Berardi He even has a desert book that is nutritious.

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