Davinci sugar free syrup

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  1. depends on the supermarket torani makes them, too. i used to have good luck finding both brands at tj maxx and marshall's in their "fancy" foods section. at the groceries, i've noticed that the sf varieties are most often available only in coffee compatible flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and irish cream.
    we used to use the sf syrups to flavor coffee while trying to get over the international foods creamer habit, and then later to add oomph to fruit smoothies, alcohol slushies, and protein shakes. the syrups taste artificial and like splenda - some people are bothered by it and some people aren't. my favorites are/were french vanilla and any of the berries.
    at tj maxx and marshall's, the normal "fifth" sized bottles were about $5 each.

  2. davinci syrups Hi. Your local URM store or Cash and Carry carries dozens of sugar free syrups.They have Davinci and Torani brands as well as others. You don't need a menbership--it's open to public, and they are much cheaper than ordering them online. They run around $3.35 per bottle. I'm an espresso junkie, and have tried most of the flavors. Butter rum is fab, and so is the Huckleberry. Of course B52 is super flavorful and good. Hope you enjoy!

  3. sugar free Davinci syrups Hi. I have never joined one of these discussion things before, hope I'm doing this right. URM stores "Cash and Carry". They have dozens of flavors! Cheap too--about $3.45 per bottle! You don't have to join up either. They are open to public. I love B52,Butter rum, huckleberry, or try chocolate with a little orange and amaretto mixed--DELICIOUS in latte ! Enjoy! neen

  4. THANKS for all your help I am gonna look for the syrups tomorrow.

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