Dietary supplements

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  1. there have been multiple posts about diet pills in the last few days. just search and you'll hear feedback.

  2. ECA Stack I just started using this today, actually. From what I read, it actually does work and works much better than those bullshit "diet pills". The ECA stack is Ephendrine, caffeine and asprin taken all together, 2-3 times a day. Ratio is 1:10:10 usually 20mgs, 200 and 200, respectivley. You can get the ephedrine online from CVS or other places. It is sold as asthma medication.
    *Note I know this isn't the greatest thing. Plan is to cycle on for 6 weeks and then off
    PS- I am not using this for major weight loss. Just trying to lose those last few pesky lbs.

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