Difo Detox

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  1. good luck and rember he is part of the fat you already lost!
    next time you smoke put a picture of him in the ash tray.
    you have a great thursdat!
    hank in there it does get better !

  2. Oh yeah!! You go girl! Keep your head up high.
    Keep us all posted and good luck with everything!

  3. Good for you D9 When you can take a hiatus and get back on track without guilt or difficulty, you know you are kicking some serious ass.
    Sorry to hear he's been pulling some nastier tricks than expected.

  4. Phew! The title gave me the impression you had to detox from difo and where going away for awhile! All I could do was drop to my knees and scream "Nooooooo! Why God, whyyyy?!" Haha, Ok, maybe it wasn't that extreem, but seriously, don't you go leaving me, D9 =)

  5. LoL!! Thanks, Des, I'm feelin' the love.
    Nope, just feeling surprised and a little relieved that my little 4 day ...um...retreat...left me feeling so good. 'Cept I have a terrible knot in my neck that really hurts. I need to find one of the people I went to school with and hit 'em up for a massage exchange.

  6. Retreats are your friend, sometimes... I took one over the weekend and it felt awesome! Plus, it may be a little subconscious "EFF YOU, I'll do what I want" to the ex. ;)

  7. i thought and felt the same too! i enjoy reading d9's post/adventures.

  8. *Laugh* Oh come now. Flatterer.
    Thanks, Min. Nope, no disappearing acts. Though, tomorrow I may have a rabbit in my hat. But then again, I may not. Stay tuned to find out!

  9. Yeah D9 pretty much rules in my book. =)

  10. I thought the same thing... I was really depressed for a minute.

  11. hey... you any update from last night and muay thai talk?
    *keeping fingers crossed*

  12. Yep we talked about it... I told him how important it was to me, which he knew, and that I couldnt find anything comparable.
    He said it was probably best for us to keep going there because we cant beat the price, the quality of teachers, the comfort level I have there, etc. Plus were getting a new car (we both have suv's) so that will help with gas mileage. I thought it was all settled.
    I called him today at lunch to see if he was picking me up for class and he said he wasnt going! WTF??? I said "wait, didnt we JUST talk about this last night?" He said I should go but he just doesnt feel like it. So I will continue to go, and he can tag along when he feels like it.

  13. talk about your mixed messages, wow. I'm glad to hear he is okay with you continuing at the gym.

  14. Yea no kidding. When he said that he wasnt going...I paused like "wait uh...what?" But thats ok, atleast he's fine with me going alone.

  15. yes. men. so at least you can go alone? i thought maybe you shared a car. stick with it if it makes you happy.

  16. Good for you! for not feeling guilty!! You will definitely get back on track and keep going in your journey!

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