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  1. I am, without a doubt built like my Dad, just a few inches taller.

  2. I know that we can control what we eat, and when....but i'm just curious about the heredity angle.
    Is it more common place for a heavy parent to have a heavy child...and vice versa?

  3. My two fat parents has two even fatter kids My brother and I are very similar, I really think we do have low metabolism - but also we grew up with some bad habits too.

  4. I think fat parents feed their kids what they eat. They may also push food...'eat, you'll feel better'. And they set the example of overeating, not exercising, and probably eating the 'wrong' things.
    Kids usually eat what is put in front of them. If it's KFC, mashed potatoes and gravy, sodas, desserts, etc., that's what they eat.

  5. I agree.

  6. I think that I small part of it might have to do with hereditary. I mean like build. I also thought that I was built like my dad because my mom was soooo petite and after I lost all the weight, I am totally built like my mom (in most ways)
    But I think the fat thing doesn't have anything to do with it. I've always been chubby and I knew it was because even though I ate my moms meals which weren't soo bad as far as calories go, I'd take 2nd or 3rd (or 4th) helpings after everyone went to bed. When I was old enough to work I ate out at fast food all the time. When I got my car I went to DQ for lunch everyday...I think that is why I was fat not because of my genes. My mom is not even chubby, and never was more than 5-10lbs overweight, my dad was quite a bit over weight (could have something to do with the way he was brought up though...pasta and such at just about every meal and no breakfast).

  7. I think there is some relation I don't think there is a 100% correlation between your parents size and your size, but I do think that it can influence how you are and that you may have a genetic predisposition to being heavier.
    I think that regardless on any genetic predisposistions that you can overcome them through lifestyle.
    Usually most parents that are overweight aren't going to be eating the most healthy foods and the correct portions. They teach those tendancies to their children, which then leads them to also being overweight.
    In my family everyone is overweight. I grew up not eating very healthy foods and eating huge portions. I've learned to eat better and smaller portions and have lost a bit of weight. I do think though, that with the genetics I have, it will be more difficult for me to maintain a lower weight than someone with different genetics. We all know someone who has a super high metabolism naturally, can eat and eat and eat and stays super skinny. That person's genetics have helped them have that metabolism. Mine have helped me have a slower one. I'll have to work a bit harder than that person to maintain a lower weight. It's not always fair, but life isn't always fair either.

  8. But you may end up healthier than someone who naturally has those genes where they can eat anything and not gain weight because you're eating healthy foods whereas they may be eating junk and staying skinny.
    So when they have a heart attack in their 60s and you're out winning your age group in 5Ks, they're the ones who will seem to have gotten the raw end of the deal :)

  9. I do not believe that if our parents were heavy we are meant to be heavy. I think it's easy to be heavy no matter what. It takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice to be lean and healthy (mostly).
    The fat storage spots are probably the same, but this also points back to my answer to the first question.
    If people want to be lazy, eat far too much, drink too much, etc. they would find is surprisingly easy to be fat just like their parents.

  10. well said bob

  11. of the three kids in my family My older brother and I have always struggled to keep our weight down. We have to fight to lose inches and watch everything we put into our mouths.
    My younger brother has trouble putting on weight. When he first went to the firehouse to ask what he needed to do to become a fireman, all the guys were like, "Kid, you need to start bulking up." He can eat anything and everything, and he still needs to hit the weight room hard to look anything but lean.
    The three of us have the same mother and father, who are both overweight and have some really terrible habits. We all grew up eating fast food for about 75 percent of our meals.
    I'd say, though, that my older brother and I got more of our mother's genes, whereas my younger brother got my father's. My mother is short and bottom-heavy. My father is tall and has always looked thinner than he is, as he only carries weight in his belly.
    I am fighting a childhood of bad habits. I know I will never look like Kate Moss (not that I'd want to) but I know it's possible for my body to be lean, strong and shapely, despite how I've looked in the past.

  12. I think SHAPE is genetic, but not size.
    I think if you have two balloons made in the same machine in the same factory, chances are pretty damn good they're both going to blow up to be the same shape. But depending on how much air you put in them, their size is very much changeable.
    My mother, aunt, and grangmother and I all have the same general shape. We're all very proportionate, narrow waisted, strong thicker legs, and round faces.
    But my grandmother's shape is hidden by layers on loose skin because she dropped 120lbs three years ago after being diagnosed with diabetes.
    My mother's shape includes a large belly and an under-chin pooch. I'm the thinnest of our group, but if you looked at any of us, you'd know we were related on body type alone.

  13. I dont think weight is hereditary... but I do think general size maybe. For instance im built alittle more like my dad in that I have broader shoulders and really large calves. From the back while walking we walk identically. Ive come to the conclusion that my calves arent getting any smaller no matter what I do and that I have no fat left on my shoulders so theyre naturally broad. My moms on the other hand are dainty. I figure I inherited it from my dad.
    As far as weight, (except those jerks who eat anything and stay thin, like my husband) I think most anyone can become overweight unless they work hard at it and develop good habits. ALso, like others have said, eating habits are passed down, so if one has parents that are overweight, theyre porbably likely to pick up their bad habits.

  14. Shape is hereditary. I think size is mostly a result of years of dietary conditioning.

  15. Not directly But there are traits past on by family members that may create a higher risk of obesity.
    Some is nature.
    Most is nurture.

  16. yes, fat storage spots are mostly hereditary although some of it is hormonally controlled. But of course WHETHER you gain weight there mostly comes down to being in a calorie surplus.
    Why do you ask?

  17. This Is What I Know!!! Obvious physical features are genetic from your parents, hair color, eye color, etc.
    Otherwise ......
    There are three characteristic body types and knowing which body type you have and the impact foods have is important to obtaining whatever goals you have........ given your genetic predisposed body type you will be more prone to weight gain, being skinny, etc. ...... But by no means does it mean you will be fat, or will be skinny ...... Diet is everything and everytime you eat it is a choice you are making and no one else ..... Don't like the consequences or results ..... Change it.
    ...... Perfectly described here I took from .....
    Definitive "Hard Gainer"
    Delicate Built Body
    Flat Chest
    Lightly Muscled
    Small Shouldered
    Takes Longer to Gain Muscle
    The extreme ectomorph physique is a fragile and delicate one. The bones are light, joints are small and muscles are slight. The limbs are relatively long in proportion and the shoulders droop. The ectomorph is a linear physique. Straight up and straight down, and may appear longer than he or she really is, due to the length of limbs coupled with lack of muscle mass developed on those limbs. The ectomorph is not naturally powerful and will have to work hard for every ounce of muscle and every bit of strength he or she can gain.
    Other Ectomorph Traits
    The extreme ectomorph may have long fingers, toes and neck are long. A pencil neck you could say. The features of the face are sharp, and the shape of the face is triangular. The lower jaw is somewhat receding. The skin tends to burn easily. Extreme ectomorphs may suffer from extremes of temperature. Due to the great body area in relation to muscle mass, the ectomorph may suffer from great heat, and due to low body fat, the ectomorph may suffer from great cold. The hair is fine and grows quickly and is sometimes difficult to keep in place.
    Famous Ectomorphs
    Lisa Kudrow, Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, Seth Green, Edward Norton.

  18. continued...... cont ........
    Hard Body
    Hourglass Shaped (Female)
    Rectangular Shaped (Male)
    Mature Muscle Mass
    Muscular Body
    Excellent Posture
    Gains Muscle Easily
    Gains Fat More Easily Than Ectomorphs
    Thick Skin
    The Mesomorph Body
    The mesomorph has well-defined muscles and large bones. The torso tapers to a relatively narrow and low waist. The bones and muscles of the head are prominent. Features of the face are clearly defined, such as cheek bones and a square, heavy jaw. The face is long and broad, and is cubicle in shape. Arms and legs are developed and even the digits of the hand are muscled.
    Other Traits of the Mesomorph
    The skin of the mesomorph is thick and the mesomorph tans well. The hair is heavy in texture.
    Famous Mesomorphs
    Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, the majority of Mr. Universe winners....... Gov. Arnold!!!

  19. continued #2 Cont ........
    Soft Body
    Underdeveloped Muscles
    Round Physique
    Weight Loss is Difficult
    Gains Muscle Easily Like the Mesomorph.
    The body of the extreme endomorph is round and soft. The physique presents the illusion that much of the mass has been concentrated in the abdominal area. This may or may not be true. The arms and legs of the extreme endomorph are short in length and taper. This may give the appearance of stalkiness. The hands and feet of the endomorph are comparatively small, and the upper arms and thighs are often more developed than the lower parts of the arms or legs. The body has a high waist.
    Other Traits of the Endomoprh
    The skin is soft and smooth, and the hair is fine. The head of the endomorph is spherical. The head is large and the face broad.
    Famous Endomorphs
    John Goodman, Roseanne, Jack Black.
    Combinations of Body Types
    Very often, people cannot be easily classed as one of the three main body types. Although there are some people who are purely ectomorphs, endomorphs, or mesomorphs with little or no characteristics of the other body types, very frequently, people fall into mixed categories, such as ecto mesomorphs, or endo mesomorphs, where largely, they are like the mesomoph, but with traits of the ectomorph (such as small joints or a trim waist), or traits of the endomorph (such as a tendency to gain fat easily).

  20. Nature AND Nurture Certainly families have genetic tendancies towards size- large, small and everything in between. That factor is immutable.
    For those of us "lucky" enough (heavy sarcasm) to have parents and grandparents who were heavy, we will always have that trait. It can't be changed.
    Add to that the double whammy nurture factor of poor eating habits and a lifelong struggle is produced.
    While we can't alter our hereditary gifts, we can take care of ourselves in the nurture department. Unfortunately, what we were given and taught as children reign in behaviour and thought, so what we do as adults can be difficult.
    We may not be bound to repeat what our parents gave us. We are bound to struggle with it....Thanks, Mom.

  21. Like one poster mentioned, I believe the shape is hereditary, I have my dads height and hips, but I am way bigger then my parents BOTH were at my age (22) My mom was very slim until her third child, and my dad is still slim (6'0 170 pounds) Its more environment then anything, at least in my case.

  22. My shape is definately hereditary.. i'm built like my father, tall and a small frame. My mother is short with a wider frame, as is my sister.
    Weight however is more based on diet, I believe. I know some people have genetic and glandular issues that affects their size, but I don't think it is responsible for the large amount of weight some people want to claim it is.
    i don't have a thyroid and for medical treatment have been off hormone.. so 100% no hormone metabolism for 2 months at a time a handful of times, and while I gained weight it wasn't a severe amount, and my appetitem always adjusted accordingly.

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