Does anyone know anything about IBS?

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  1. Can I just say that I think you're doing a fantastic job of taking care of yourself and your health now. I am truly impressed and inspired by your conscious action to be better and do better. Props to you Jess.
    (sorry, i gots nothing on IBS)

  2. It's been a loooong hard road. But I am at a place in my life where I am too tired to resist getting all the help I can and although I have my bad days (see below), I can say I never thought I would be able to give up some level of control as it relates to food.
    bad day: my bf looked at a chick in a bikini and I totally wigged out on him. :P He's a man he will look, he just can't touch.
    Stuff like that I realize now has nothing to do with me or my body image and I already own a bikini that I can wear :D The plus side of all this is seeing the good days wayyyy outnumber the bad days. I still have to deal with the consequences of my past choices, but it doesn't control me like it used to.

  3. I believe it One of the scariest things about an ED to me is the long road to recovery. I know that it's so easy to get into ED behaviors but so unfuckingbelievably hard to get out of them. So whatever the reason, even if it's just that you're too tired to put up a fight anymore, at least it's propelling you in the right direction. You're letting your logic and your mind win this battle, which is exactly what yoou need.
    Bad days and good days are a natural part of it, I'm sure. Like you said, the good days outnumber the bad, and every bad day lasts just 24 hours. Every new day is a chance at a new beginning! You're doing things the right way or the best way you know how, now, and that's what's really important.
    again, kudos :)

  4. I was told I had that over ten years ago But ya' know what?
    I did my own research and cut out milk and everything got better.
    I am ok with yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.
    But milk with cereal, lattes, hot chocolate all did it to me.
    I think I had more of a lactose intolerance.

  5. question about the milk and other stuff I started drinking milk again so maybe that's it. When I used to restrict, I gave up dairy altogether and I was allergic to it as a child. But I have been drinking Lactaid so I didn't think it would be a big deal. I found something online that says red meat can be a trigger, did they tell you that?

  6. They didn't tell me anything I was tested to high heaven and they basically said to come back in X months.
    Well, I didn't.
    And figured out the problem on my own.
    I am actually a bit more tolerant after the pregnancies, don't ask me why?
    But like I said, I am ok with yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc. I even have a latte once in a while.
    I seemed to do better with that special milk, too. What is it? A.....?

  7. acidophilus?

  8. Yes, that's it

  9. I'm probably... just going to skip the dairy again and see what happens. I just keep going back and forth and the cramping is horrible. I feel like I am giving birth here. :_( Sometimes I will go a day or 2 without and then boom I go 4 times a day. It's getting ridiculous.

  10. TMI but I was extremely painfully gassy and always running to the bathroom with really weird, mucusy, pellet like bowel movements.

  11. EXACTLY!!! That has been my day today. Ok I will try the dairy thing and see how it goes, Thanks!!!

  12. Try it See what happens.
    Doctors are always looking for a medical reason, it seems.
    And when they can't find it, bam, IBS!

  13. yeah, that's basically what my doc was saying... that REAL ibs is a very serious thing and that it's given as a diagnosis way to frequently.
    so what was called IBS by other docs to me, he didn't think even came close to qualifying.
    and in my case, i just got some OTC medicine that actually did help a lot.

  14. I was allergic to milk as a kid too I never had it until I was in my late teens, and now when I eat ice cream, I tend to get that...reaction.
    Cottage cheese and yogurt don't seem to do it, but ice cream and plain milk do. I don't drink milk anymore--I prefer soymilk.
    Make sure to tell your doc about your recent dairy intake and see what s/he says about that.

  15. i have heard this from many people that they thought they had IBS but really it was lactose intolerance.

  16. i was told by my doc that true IBS would have considerable pain and frequent substantial bleeding wtih bowel movements.
    i dont know if your symptoms are that severe or not.
    mine weren't that bad. they basically put me on an OTC anti-diarrhea medicine to regulate everything and a lot of my problem cleared up.
    it could be something as simple as that. who knows.
    but if you're getting regular pain/bleeding, talk to some definitely.

  17. that sounds more like Crohn's disease. I had a friend who had that. She had considerable bleeding. Mine's more mucousy. sorry if that's TMI.

  18. just saying what i was told when i asked. seriously, if the pain persists you need to see someone.
    i had some severe cramping right when i started HS. first i thought i was getting my period. then i thought i was just nervous for starting HS. then it kept hurting, day in, day out for weeks. we finally went to the doc and they told me my bowels were nice and inflamed and on my way to an ulcer if i hadn't come in. all i ended up doing was taking a pill (i have no recollection what) every day for a month and i was fine.
    anyways, try the dairy thing but if it keeps hurting, you need to see someone.

  19. Agreed, here I am in no way giving medical advice.
    I am just sharing my experience.
    You know yourself best, ladyjess and definitely seek medical attention, if need be.

  20. That's the plan! If the dairy thing doesn't work, then I will go ahead with the colonoscopy. Colon cancer runs in my family so I won't be a total weenie about it because I have watched too many people in my family die from that.

  21. wait and see what your doc says... you may not need a colonoscopy at all. you haven't even spoken to the doc yet, right?
    it just sounds like you're jumping the gun assuming that you're going to need one.
    my guess is you'll have to give a stool sample before a colonoscopy. just worry about it one step at a time as it happens. it's good to be prepared, but i wouldn't worry about it yet.

  22. My current roommate follows some dietary guidelines that are similar to those recommended to people with IBS. She doesn't have IBS, but some scarring on her intestines from surgery and radiation therapy which causes occasional bowel obstruction.
    I can't remember everything she told me, but I know she avoids caffeine and foods rich in insoluble fiber. She eats many small meals a day. I think she also eats little dairy. She takes daily probiotics to aid digestion. (Her dietitian recommended Jarro-dophilus, available at Whole foods.)

  23. Thanks everyone! For a moment I was wigging out cuz I thought I would have to eliminate more things from my diet when I have been working so hard to eat more and eat healthy items. I'll keep you posted on the dairy stuff.

  24. I know this is really late, but I had some IBS and digestive issues for a few years. I went to several docs and no one had any advise for me until went to a specialist who recommended I start taking probiotics. I have not had a problem since I started taking them 9 months ago!

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