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  1. I have two suggestions 1. Change your handle to IfeelGREAT. (stop sending negative messages to your body).
    2. Don't eat if you aren't hungry. Your body will tell you what/when to eat. Learn to listen.

  2. i second the handle change! fat isn't a feeling. it's just converted and stored calories your body thinks might be useful someday.

  3. I third it! *starts a difo chant* "Change your handle! Change your handle!"

  4. change your handle

  5. thanks for joining in, I felt alone in that one

  6. second that

  7. yes. and yes. a lot of my "hunger" follows my girlie cycle periods. i don't know if you are a guy or a gal, so maybe that's too much info for you :)
    but i have noticed that i do tend to go through periods where food is not interesting to me. i made a decision at the beginning of my diet to try to think of food as fuel first and foremost, instead of entertainment or comfort or the thousands of other things i use it for. so when i'm in a "whatever" mood about food, i try to eat fairly regularly anyway, bc rationally i recognize that my body needs calories even on days when i'm not so into it.
    i'll admit to taking the easy way out on those days and eating more grab and go things like yogurt and fruit and soup than actually cooking :)

  8. There was a quote in a magazine... a few months ago. It was my Self or Fitness magazine I believe..
    This woman had lost a ton of weight and her new motto was:
    "I have learned that I must eat to live.. Not live to eat"
    I love this quote because its true. 200 years ago, people ate to stay alive.. Now, we eat because its there and its plentiful and its easy to get really yummy tasting (but aweful) things to put into our bodies..
    If you dont need to eat and your body is not telling you its time to fuel, then drink a glass of water or tea and go do some lunges or something!

  9. Cool Thanks I like your post, we are kinda the same boat, well you about 10lbs less then me. I am starting the C25k, on day 3. I really am enjoying it too. Thanks for the advice

  10. No problem! I got all of MY advice from the people HERE! Lol!
    Its going to be a long, bumpy road.. But I cant wait until I finally get to where I just naturally reach for the apple over the brownie.. I am already starting to crave fruits and veggies.. One of my favorite things to have with dinner are those new SteamFresh packs.. They are a mix of cut veggies (frozen) and you just throw the whole thing in the microwave for 5 minutes and you have perfectly steamed veggies. Yum. And they have so much flavor.

  11. I think it's common. What I do is adjust. Have a smaller breakfast, lunch and dinner, but eat!! Or I find myself not wanting, or eating, snacks.

  12. I am so jealous. I think that's a good sign. I've been on diets in the past & it happened to me too. I'm sure you'll get your appetite back. When you eat junk food you tend to crave more food because they digest faster.

  13. I agree on the rare occassions when I do have "junk" such as a slice of pizza I find I get hungry sooner & start craving the bad stuff. As long as I'm eating healthy my appetite stays under control. Well except for the day before yesterday that is, when all I wanted to do was eat! That was really strange because I've never had that happen to me before (the obsessive need/urge to eat).

  14. I was doing great Until last November when I gave blood it sent me on a downward spiral. Because they only offered junk instead of anything that heathly. So I'm just starting to get back on track.

  15. sometimes when I "diet" specifically when I cut portion sizes for a certain reason, I get what I call "dieter's high"
    I just don't get that hungry and I feel light and euphoric after a few days. But it is still important to follow my eating plan. I never go more than four hours without a little something.

  16. That is ABSOLUTELY normal I'm going to be REALLY inarticulate in trying to explain this, but something to do with the stomach (the organ, not just the belly) being stretched out because it has gotten used to eating a lot, so there's all that empty space it wants to fill when it's hungry. When you start eating better, less, and more compact foods, it shrinks back to where it should be pretty quickly, and you're less hungry.

  17. I found this article It says the adult stomach is about the size of your fist but will stretch to about the size of a water balloon accomodate 33oz food

  18. Amazing Just Amazing
    This was a great post for me. I learn a lot about my self when I read all the things going on with all of you. I also now think that is why this is getting easier. I need to listen to my body more. I'm probably not even hungry when I think I am. The other day when I got tips for getting full or for at least feeling full. It was to much. I went to sleep, I like being a little hungry it keeps me thinking right. GREAT POST THANKS
    i did not get much out of this one...LOL
    Question for girls only < adele769 >

  19. be careful. the same thing happened to me (my appetite decreased) and i listened to my body, and i lost weight. then several months later, all of a sudden i was hungry for like 2 months straight and just could not stop eating. i think i lost weight too fast, that's why. pretty messed up huh.

  20. A careful I will be..Good looking out Thank you for the heads up:)
    and a little sunshine for you?

  21. aw thanks for the sunshine :)

  22. I struggle to eat enough daily Every day i struggle to eat and I have to eat 5 times a day due to a med i take. One thing I do is divide my lunch in half. I eat half at 11 and half at 1. I started eating healthy in dec and still struggle to find an equal balance. I have put myself on a schedule in order to help remind myself to eat.

  23. Spinach salad topped with some crab and prawns...yum yum

  24. oops wrong thread

  25. I try to eat regularly even when I'm not hungry. My problem is I won't be hungry for a long time, then I get ravenous. And when I'm ravenous, I can't think clearly and I just eat whatever's in sight. So by eating regularly, I'm never hungry enough to make bad decisions. Also, I think it keeps your metabolism going to keep re-feuling every few hours (I eat at least every 4 hrs).
    The hardest time for me is after working out because I have absolutely no appetite and I don't want to eat anything. But I know it's important to refuel, so I always make myself eat something, even if it's just yogurt or fruit or something.

  26. eat anyway eat for fuel.
    eat 4-5 times a day
    get your body used to receiveing fuel throughout the day
    this will keep your metabolism going
    eat if you are not hungry. the key is to never feel hungry!

  27. I lose my appetite for a day or so if I am inactive the days prior. I have to eat or I go all hypoglycemic, but I don't have to eat more than 12 almonds or 2 oz of salmon at a time to ward off dizziness and irritability.
    I don't force myself to eat normally, I listen to my body carefully.
    It will pass, try to go for a walk or dance around the living room and your appetite will likely improve.

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