exercise first, then try dieting?

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  1. It is not either or. I think you have to do both exercise and diet to lose weight and be healthy. Some people diet only, without exercise, but this is not optimal from a health standpoint.
    Whatever you are doing, are you keeping a written record? Sometimes the problem is as little as 75 calories a day that we may not even notice. If you do the math, you will see that it takes a LOT of exercise to make up for overeating.
    You might want to try a not-so-strict diet, something like Weight Watchers or Volumetrics or BobGreene's Best Life Diet.
    Exercising is very important to good health so go ahead and use your happy period to start a daily exercise habit.
    I have known people that lost weight through exercise alone, but never ones that got to their goal weight through exercise alone.
    So at some point you will have to figure out what sort of eating plan you can come up with that will allow you to get to the weight you want and not make you feel deprived. There are lots of foods that are delicious and relatively low calorie, mostly fruits and vegetables.

  2. Of course exercise is positve, however you really need to do both exercise and watch what you eat for long term results.
    I think that you can start by instituting small changes in your diet and gradually improve. For example you might want to start by cutting out sodas, if you drink them, or developing a fail free enviroment at home, or what ever you choose/ Just keep on adding positive things over time.
    You don't need to be perfect in your food intake, just keep on improving.

  3. losing weight is 90% diet and 10% increasing your physical activity.

  4. are you serious? or just making this number up. that concept seems really ridiculous to me (maybe i'm wrong though). i just can't see a way to possibly create the calorie loss of exercise through diet without starving yourself (literally starving i mean).

  5. I've heard the same thing from personal trainers well, actually more like 80% diet and 20% exercise. I would guess 3 different trainers have mentioned this sort of ratio to me before.
    Perhaps it's because it takes so much less time to consume calories than it takes to burn it!

  6. i can see this if you're overeating excessively. but if you've got a decent calorie range and bing a little (like a few hundred cal, not thousands) here and there, i can't see this possible canceling out good exercise, the benefits of added muscle mass, increased bmr, etc.
    how much exercise are the talking about? obviously if you only do like 30 min 3x a week, diet makes a big difference. but if you're exercising a decent amount, i just can't imagine this applying at all.

  7. There are many benefits to exercise that do not involve growing thinner! Relatively new research shows that exercise changes the way each of one's cells works, and effectively makes your body younger.
    So while it is true that exercise alone won't make you thin, it will certainly go a great way to making you healthy.
    I feel SO much better when I exercise. But it doesn't necessarily help so much with making me thinner. Sometimes I think it makes me hungrier and makes losing weight more of a challenge.

  8. Yeah, my trainer told me something like this Except he said it's 80% of what you eat, 20% of exercise.

  9. I never had to diet before and I know that no matter what, I never will.

    Well, after my husband deployed to Iraq, I decided it was time to get healthier. Instead of "dieting," I simply substituted regular foods for a healthier alternative. For instance, brown rice instead of white rice, chocolate soy milk (as I HATE milk), cut out soda, olive oil instead of canola or vegetable, etc. I also added more vegetables and fruits. If I wanted a sugary drink, I would water it down. Simple things that I really didn't notice. It was pretty easy considering my husband was and is the main reason I have a hard time maintaining a weight I'm happy with. After a few months, I lost 20 pounds and felt great. I slept better and felt better throughout the day. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even exercising. The best part: because it was so simple, it was easy to follow. NOW, it's second nature to purchase healthier things and the longer I go without the bad stuff, the less I want to eat it.
    My point is, if you can't stick to a diet, don't. Just make small changes here and there and create an exercise program that you'll stick to. I find that taking classes keeps me more entertained. Not only that, but paying for it makes me more inclined to GO. You can't waste that money! So pay a couple of months in advance. You won't want to let that money go down the drain, so you'll HAVE to go! Also, once you start seeing the results, you'll actually WANT to eat healthier and take care of yourself. So start out slow. You'll get there.

  10. thanks My exercise routine right now is basically 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating from very fast walking to running, then fast walking again. I am trying to build stamina and it's those 2-3 minutes at a time of the fast running that really gets the juices going in my brain.
    I also do weight machines, I am very comfortable on them as I used to exercise a lot several years ago. I try to go 5x a week but it's been more like 3-4x.
    My goal is to hit the gym 6x a week, with 2 of those times only being the treadmill.
    I've definitely been doing the small changes to my eating... about a month ago it had to be as simple as not eating fast food every meal (eww.) I have been cooking more at home (grilled chicken breast with brown/wild rice and a veggie) and stuff like that. Sugar is the bane of my existence and so is diet coke. It's amazing how a diet soda will even screw you up.
    That will honestly be probably the last thing I cut out, although I have been increasing my water intake.
    THis can seem so daunting, I'm sick of changing! But I am more sick of being fat, so there you have it...
    Thanks everyone!

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