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  1. Welcome! I like to search healthy recipes at or I used to calorie count using online counters, but now I feel comfortable judging portion sizes and eating a balanced diet. I can understand emotional eating--I don't usually go for "bad foods" anymore, but sometimes I will say "to heck with my workout" and have a glass or wine or two instead. I have discovered that it is really important for me to get some sunlight--it helps with seratonin. Exercise, obviously, helps stabilize your mood as well--endorphins. Plus, you just feel better about yourself when you do something good. One thing that has helped me is getting over exercise as punishment. I used to be hardcore with exercise, but now I am much kinder to myself--exercise in a nice location, wear the proper clothing, bring some good music, take advantage of the most pleasant parts of the day to be outside, etc.), and that helps me avoid the all or nothing attitude.

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