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  1. Think we did this yesterday with chidame. I like the mid-weight where your bones don't show but muscles can. Some people like a little fatter and others like really pumped.
    I don't like overly muscular men. Too obsessed with themselves or they make me think abuse. My dad was 6' and 160-180. That's about the build I like - or shorter and a little more fat. Had a friend who was 5'9" and 190 lbs in college and he was fine.
    Women - I like the way I was. Tall women tend to have too much self-confidence and literally step on us shorter ones in a lot of ways. They can eat more and wear a lot of clothes that don't look good on shorter people, don't need to alter for height as a rule, etc. So, maybe not over 5'9" and the weight can range between 125 - 160 or so. It depends on their personality and confidence, muscle, etc.

    Some days I think if you can tie your own shoes and walk on your own without pissing and moaning about it, that's fit enough for me. You are asking about other people, right?

  2. with chickpea to me fit is more about ability, health and ease of movement than looks.

  3. I just would like to say it is "Biggest Loser", not "biggest looser", "ripped", not "riped", and "skinny", not skinney".
    Carry on, and good day....

  4. OMG, get a life!!

  5. and "tell" not "tel"

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