Flat Feet

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  1. if you want to start running go to a running store and be fitted there. they'll notice right off the bat if you have flat feet and will bring you shoes to help support and balance you to help correct it. they'll measure your feet, note your arches and your heel, and have you run/walk/stride in front of you to see your gait. they'll also look at the bottoms of your current shoes for the wear pattern.
    fwiw, i have low arches.
    go to a running store and let someone help you.
    it is worth the extra $20 in the difference in cost between buying a show at someplace like DSW and buying it from a running store.

  2. Where Are The Running stores located? Is Model,New Balance one of them.I need a comfortable shoe for a good workout from jogging,walking and running.

  3. there is a runners store in grand central. New Balance is a brand and only sells their brand. Go to a store that sells many brands. DO NOT go to modells - they aren't very knowledgable on sneakers.

  4. good stores The Running Company in the Time-Warner Bldg
    Urban Athletics in the World Financial Center
    JackRabbit in Park Slope
    Super Runners Shop at Grand Central, 72nd and 3rd, and 89th and Lex.

  5. Thanks guys I will go to the one in grand central as its close to me.Can,t wait to start my jogging again.

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