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  1. haha! Perhaps there's garlic I've never heard of.. or they were under weird fluorescents..?

  2. Hm, purple garlic Are you sure they weren't shallots? Shallots look like purplish garlic on the outside, and a red onion on the inside:
    There are several varieties of purple garlic, Chesnok Red and Persian Star being the most common, and they're just fine, and get cooked and eaten the same as regular garlic, but they tend to be a little sweeter.

  3. no not shallots I know what shallots look like.
    and even the sign said garlic. Ive never seen purple garlic. I was a bit confused! So I just bought that chopped garlic in a jar... not my favorite but ill survive for now

  4. Yeah, the purple garlic is just a different species of the same root.
    It's perfectly fine. You may just get a slightly sweeter taste.
    I compare it to the difference between a purple onion and a white onion. Same thing--same vegetable, just a small change in flavor.

  5. oh that makes sense then well hm. now Im kind of interested to try it... nervous .... but interested . thanks!!

  6. oh wait what does the inside look like....
    I may have to ring UJDL's neck :p

  7. here--an inside photo The cloves may have a purplish tint to them, but like I said, it's just pigment. It doesn't affect the quality of the garlic in the slightest bit.
    Why does this freak you out so much? :)

  8. Im weird and weird colored food freaks me out. haha
    smells do too. I can eat asparagus because of the smell and look. And cauliflower... reminds me of something else.

  9. Heehee. You sound like my mom. She has strange food phobias, too. :) She won't eat anything white and creamy. She won't eat mayonnaise, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, nothing. I think her only exception is ice cream.
    *laugh* No worries, I was just curious.

  10. ahhh and cottage cheese! hahaha the texture, look...
    My old roommate wouldnt eat apples because of the texture and I thought she was weird... I feel bad now cause I never thought about my own weird phobias.

  11. That's so funny! My sister hates bananas. Loves banana flavored stuff, just not the actual fruit!
    I on the other hand am not picky at all!

  12. I cant eat orange flavored things but I love oranges :)
    I think that comes from taking dramamine for so many years when I drove to north carolina every summer to see my dad. I get horrible car sickness within 45 minutes so a 20ish hour car ride doesnt work well with me!

  13. wow really? I get the smell thing, but coloured foods? C'mon missy just TRY it. Maybe once you see that it still tastes like garlic the colour won't bother you so much.

  14. hm. thats true I tried eggplant once.. purple food lol
    but still not a huge fan. Maybe the way I made it... eggplant parmesan. It wasnt really the taste but the thought and texture.
    I eat plenty of veggies so omitting a few doesnt bother me too much...
    I may just suck it up and TRY to purple garlic... be brave missy! be brave!

  15. I'm not saying eat everything of course omit the foods you really don't like. But I'm a big believer in trying everything. The worst that can happen is you don't like it right.

  16. exactly I tried brussel sprouts for goodness sake!
    they were awful but I tried!
    Ill go back and get some. I can eat garlic raw so Ill try that first before throwing it all in my dish.

  17. I have this thing where if I have a bad experience with a food, it takes me YEARS to ever try it again, if I ever do.
    When I was a kid, my mother made a mushroom curry soup that just...omg, it was awful. I never ate curry again.
    Then, as an adult, one of my friends made Thai vegetable Korma and I tried it and was blown away. I asked what the spice was and she said, "It's curry! Haven't you ever had curry?" It was amazing how much I had missed out on because I was too afraid to try it again.
    There are SO many amazing foods out there that look, well frankly, bizarre. I have found that some of the ugliest food out there--uglifruit (actually named thus because it IS so ugly), asparagus, avocados, etc--are some of the most amazing tasting things ever.
    One of these days, you should find a friend who knows how to prepare some of the things you're 'scared' of, and have them make you a meal. Make yourself at least TRY everything. You might be amazed at how broad your palate can get if you stay openminded. :)

  18. I can definately relate to this! haha When I was pregnant with my child I had all day sickness. Not just morning sickness!
    On a day where I felt fine I decided to eat scrambled eggs. They made me SOOOO sick. I couldn't eat scrambled eggs, or any egg for that matter, for years!

  19. Ive done that before Ive always hated tomatoes and onions... now I cant get enough of either!!
    I usually will try things more then once. Eggplant only once so far and same for brussel sprouts.
    but Ive tried asparagus, cottage cheese, cauliflower, and tea more then twice each! and still no luck :( and yes I mean tea... sweet tea regular tea all of it... dont like it

  20. I'm addicted to tea!!!!

  21. everyone I know loves it and its always "omg really? try mine! its so good I swear!! youve just had gross kinds!!"
    everytime... it tastes like dirt with sugar.

  22. I always hated eggplant too and then I went to this amazing Italian restaurant in the ritzy part of the city, and since I was dieting, I bit the bullet and ordered eggplant parmesan. It was SO incredible.
    I realized I had just never had eggplant prepared properly. Every other time I had it, it was mushy and bland and gross.

  23. My eggplant has always been mushy too....

  24. Ive been tempted to try it at a restaurant but always talk myself out of it.
    I should just "bite the bullet" as well :)

  25. I used to be more like that. Avocados scared me. Man, I've since gotten over that.

  26. We've grown our own garlic and there are a number of gourmet purple garlic varieties available. Most of them are very good, but I would not recommend using it raw as it can be much hotter than the garlic you are probably used to. However, when sauteed in a bit of butter or roasted, it has a rich, sweet flavor that is to die for!

  27. If this is what you're talking about than it's OKAY!

  28. yes!! why is it purple? diamonds said there are different kinds...
    I want regular garlic... why would they not have just plain garlic... Im not adventurous enough for purple garlic!

  29. The garlic ITSELF isn't purple. It's just the "skin" that you peel away.
    Inside, it'll be yellowy white, like a garlic SHOULD look like.
    If you peel that off, and it's purple, I will give you my address so you can come ring my neck.

  30. lol if the inside is purple Im not trying it.

  31. what do you have against purple garlic? it's not bad or anything.

  32. I feel bad now for putting down purple garlic. haha
    Ive just never seen it or heard of it before...

  33. you should feel bad ;) discriminating against purple garlic. It's just like other garlic but it's purple. Who are you to judge huh?

  34. my apologies go out to purple garlic!

  35. I accept, on behalf of purple garlic everywhere

  36. whew. thanks. I feel better now :)

  37. Does your store have this: It's usually in the refrigerated veggie section

  38. Probably not I finally found natural peanut butter there last night... my store sucks sometimes. Im trying out different stores. I need a better variety!!!

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