good morning ( breakfest )

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  1. Cheerios with soy milk

  2. Good, it must be lunch time for you. Tell me, what's a "fiber water"?

  3. WYLERS LITE i got wilsd strawberry
    2.5 grams of fiber
    5 cals

  4. never heard of it thx for the info!

  5. they come in single pouches for 16.9 oz waters

  6. time it posted 3 hrs behind my real time

  7. Craig's time is Pacific Time.

  8. Fiber one cereal, skim milk and a yogurt and I'm still kinda hungry...

  9. Coffee and Kashi GoLean with 1% lactaid and half a banana.
    For later I have 3 baby green pepper/onion/mushroom fritattas.

  10. WW english muffin, 1/4 c part skim ricotta and a plum. Yogurt in about an hour. Didn't taste much of it, I have a head cold =/

  11. Soy Milk w/Fiber, 4 smal turkey sausages

  12. Oops, I fell asleep after breakfast I had my fiber one yogurt and a cup of 1% milk...but then I fell back asleep. I actually woke up at the time I wanted to(3am) to work out...but instead I ate my breakfast and let the food settle and fell asleep. I am such a slacker. I don't know what woke me up to get to work on time, but I snapped right awake and got here!

  13. Why dont you eat breakfast AFTER working out? wow...waking up at 3am thats somehting :-)

  14. I heard it's best to work out 30 minutes after eating. I am a lemming, I do what I am told.

  15. morning! I had yogurt + granola and coffee and a quick, intense ab and elliptical session.
    I am looking forward to my spinning class tonight :) I love my new gym!

  16. morning pb sandwich and a peach. And coffee.
    I've been riding my bike to work a lot lately, but today had to turn my car on for the first time in a week because I have so many errands to do at lunch time.

  17. reading all this is making me "hungry" again

  18. you drive a nova? ;-) what's your bike's name/brand?
    congrats on bike isn't it?! like free exercise.

  19. Ezekial English muffin with toffuti and avocado.

  20. Ezekial makes english muffins?! Well, I'll be.
    I'll have to look for those. English Muffins have become a major staple over here.

  21. Yep and I love em.

  22. Breakfast was on the go this morning. . . scrambled eggs + pepperjack cheese on multigrain bread.

  23. same as yesterday and ever since I upped it to a whole sprouted bagel my workouts have been awesome!
    Whole sprouted bagel w/tofutti, tofurkey deli meat, lettuce, tomato and garlic pepper

  24. that sounds delicious a whole sprouted grain bagel is still pretty low calorie wise. The ones I get are only 200 cals for a whole one (decent size too) so I never have a problem eating a whole one on those rushed days.

  25. sprouted grain bagels?! what brand are they?
    where are they kept in the grocery?
    if you tell me this is a canada only thing, i may cry

  26. it's a BC company, called Silver Hills. They deliver to washington. Maybe you can order online???

  27. Ive gotten ezekial sprouted grain... From my local grocery. I'd be very surprised if you guys didnt have them. Do you have Kroger?

  28. **sprouted grain BAGELS...

  29. no kroger none in the freezer case. we have the rolls though, i guess i should count my blessings.

  30. oh AND they are kept with regular breads. I find the bagels to have an amazing texture when they are toasted. More filling/satisfying than a regular bagel. I'm not super fond of the bread however.

  31. I get my from TJ's

  32. rolled outta bed late South Beach Bar, big glass o'water.

  33. the usual egg/veg wrap. I love that I rarely get sick of things and can eat them day in and day out. it makes life so much easier.

  34. right on. me too. i might switch something around for a day or two but i pretty much eat the same thing every day.
    ot. i thought of you this morning bc i had a brief rapid heart about to jump out of my chest moment. is it still frequently happening to you?

  35. yes it still is and it's basically every night now. it's scary as hell. But I've made an appointment with a cardiologist, it's on September 16. Hopefully I don't die before then :P

  36. don't say that! keep me posted. mine is soooo random and mostly after an intense workout.

  37. of course i'll keep you posted My doctor made a point to tell me that when you have an intense workout it's not uncommon to have an irregular heart rhythm up to a few hours later. Since yours is random and after an intense workout, I highly doubt there's any cause for concern.
    i'm getting a little more concerned because they are more often and more intense, so I'm hoping the cardiologist can figure something out.

  38. breakfast 1 was two servings of heritage cereal and 1 cup light soy
    breakfast 2 will be an apple, 1/2 cup cottage cheese and baby carrots.
    I want a soy latte...

  39. poached egg on ezekiel toast and an apple
    I was so excited about finding ezekiel bread here in halifax! I didn't even bother looking, but just happened to find it :D
    morning run was a bit of a let down though....tried to go faster than I normally do, but got so tired that I cut the run short. I think I'll try to build up my pace a little more slowly :(

  40. trader joe's high fiber o's + fage 0% + water+ whey + blueberries + ground flax = creamy cereal

  41. today it was cottage cheese + almond milk + dried cranberries + strawberries + shredded wheat + cinnamon
    and coffee

  42. aka cottage cheese mess yummy!

  43. yip cc mess and i are trying to get back together.
    the phase of turkey sandwich breakfast is finally ending.

  44. egg beater cooked with giardnara, green onion, turkey bacon
    1/4 cup oatmeal with blueberries

  45. what is giardnara?

  46. it is a mixture of celery, hot peppers and spices in a oil base. Here in chicago it can be ordered over a roast beef sandwich.

  47. that sounds lovely

  48. Scramble egg beaters mixed with zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, a small red potato and 2% cheese, delicious!!

  49. Fresh fruit salad with kefir, almonds and sunflower seeds.

  50. I'm thinking some greek yogurt, strawberries with maybe some flaxseed sprinkled in there. Maybe one slice of sprouted barley toast too? We'll see.

  51. Hmm... does frozen fruit go bad? I had yogurt with ground flax seed, thawed frozen blueberries, and a touch of maple syrup. And some milk.
    Now my tummy is not happy with me. I just bought the yogurt and the milk. The syrup isn't very old and the flax seed is only about a month old. I grind it as I use it.
    I'm wondering if it was the blueberries?
    Blah. I don't want to throw up... :o(

  52. hmm..frozen fruit does not go bad...but did it have freezer burn? what did you eat for dinner last night?

  53. No freezer burn. It was actually a brand new package that I opened this morning (just had been sitting in there forever). I put them in the microwave just to thaw.
    Last night I had a fake chicken patty with some steamed veggies.

  54. Might've been a bad blueberry in the frozen ones. Once they're frozen, they won't go bad, it's when they're fresh & maybe a moldy one slipped by.
    Try some peppermint tea to settle your tummy. Hope it feels better soon.

  55. Oh, and I have peppermint tea at my desk! Ooooh, thanks for the advice, I hope that works.
    I always forget that peppermint tea is not only tasty, but helps calm tummies too.

  56. TJ O's and skim milk

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