Healthy snacks for the plane?

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  1. Drink lots of water even if it means trips to the bathroom.
    Veggies are good, especially those with a hig water content, like celery. I'd avoid nuts, as they're salty.
    How long is the flight?

  2. I get unsalted pistachios and portion them out into 100 calorie servings. I eat them every day, I'm not too concerned about the nuts.
    flight is only 6 hours but goes over dinner time. I will have a nice big breakfast and lunch before I leave.

  3. unsalted is fine. Plenty of companies make 100 calorie serving packs of common snacks these days, too. Travel size and portion controlled.
    Where are you headed?

  4. Ontario Yeah, I buy them in bulk because it's far cheaper, and portion them out right when I get home. A 10 or 15 minutes of inconvienence after shopping is WAY worth saving the money!

  5. Oh, I do the same thing with nuts. But not with oreos :)

  6. Raw almonds

  7. yes almonds or pistachios are the only 2 nuts I like...not sure which one I'll do.

  8. don't forget wonderful walnuts.

  9. blah not a fan :)

  10. whhhaaat? good more for me!

  11. Plane rides call for PB&J pitas, hard boiled eggs, veggies, and an easy to travel with fruit. (banana, apple, orange etc.)

  12. Forgot about hard boiled eggs! YAY!

  13. for the love of your fellow passengers Please tell me you don't eat hard-boiled eggs on the plane? I mean, dive into it at the airport if you have to, but I can't imagine that smell lingering on an airplane for 5 hours.

  14. What's wrong with this? If you're worried about the gas, skip eating the yolk and bring a zip baggie or a tight lid container to put the remains in. Easy peasy. Nothing to worry about.
    Besides there's probably someone on the plane who decided to go for the grande bean burrito with extra hot salsa. A loaded Gyro. Liver and onion sandwich. A garlic burger or just plain forgot to brush their teeth that morning.

  15. not gas Turns out, eggs just smell bad, and in an enclosed space with re-circulated air, that smell does not go away. Don't get me wrong, I love them, and I think they're a great snack, but I'd have some compassion for my fellow travelers and not eat an egg (or any of the other things you mentioned) on an airplane.

  16. ha so true as i just had some for lunch. now our place stinks!
    common courtesy does not seem to be a thing on airlines anymore.

  17. No Eggs!!!!!!! As a business traveler who flies at least two times a month I would say....
    Please oh please oh please oh please don't ever bring eggs on the plane.
    That just seems like common sense, but I guess not. While on a plane, people tend to be oversensitive to smells that they could normally handle on the ground. I eat hb eggs frequently, but would never be able to stand the smell of recirculated egg for hours on end.
    We'll put you in the back with the stinky baby, the lady who drowned in perfume and the dude who doesn't wear deodorant. :P

  18. Alright, I guess eggs are out

  19. ha

  20. Whatever. Just ask before you peel, or sit alone and avoid the over-sensitive noses.

  21. Just got back from a trip I recommend none messy/juicy items. (I had to clean out my fresh fruit pile and took an orange and a kiwi with me! oops!)
    I say, make the wrap w/ veggies and eggs. Bring an extra napkin and hand sanitizer too.
    Also, try and avoid really smelly items as other will not really appreciate your curry as much as your tummy :)
    just saying.
    have fun, where are you going?

  22. Ontario my friend lives there.
    Thanks for the tips!

  23. have a great time!

  24. last time I flew, (in December) Starbucks had some great sandwiches at the airport for about six bucks. I assume the Vancouver airport is lousy with Starbucks like Seatac is? Have a great trip! Also, string cheese and clementines make decent snacks. I like to take a couple of mini bottles of Cuervo, myself.

  25. Oh string cheese! Heck yes! Thanks Bell

  26. also, snap or snow peas.

  27. i think your ideas are good, wrap and nuts. everyone else gave great suggestions too.
    i'm sure i'll wish it again, but i hope you have a great time with your friend!
    ontario is lovely.

  28. For dinner . . . I travel a lot by plane - 4 to 6 times a month. I usually bring a huge, luscious salad onto the plane for dinner, one hundred calorie snack, one piece of fruit, and a bag of carrot sticks or radish slices just in case. Salad on yesterday's flight was mixed greens, daikon radish slices thin enough to see through, thinly sliced pear, a few walnut pieces, and half an ounce of crumbled ff feta with some really good balsamic vinegar. Actually the salad kept me amused for a couple of hours since I just picked at it while I read.
    Oh, and don't forget to bring a bottle of water. I always bring one and then get another one from the cabin attendent during the trip.

    Have a great time!

  29. Thanks!

  30. veggies, sliced turkey,juicy fruit (not the gum) I like to bring one or two really ripe bartlett pears and a granny smith apple with me when I go on a flight, even if it's a short one. They the keep you super hydrated. which I think is the most important thing. I also like to freeze a bunch of grapes overnight and then by the time on the plane for a couple hours they're nice and slushy.
    And some cut up veggies and chicken strips or turkey slices are my go to for overnight flights.

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