How can I train myself to eat less???

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  1. if you change your snacking habits you will find that you no longer crave salt and sugar like you do now.
    sometimes i go really crazy and restrict my diet a lot - and while im doing that for about three days - i notice my cravings. whatever i crave - i feel is what i need to cut back on. last time i tried this i craved diet coke and salt - so i worked on that as my goals.
    if you dont want to go cold turkey (and you shouldnt restrict too much if you are trying to lose weight) then just try substituting your snacks or when you want a snack ...make yourself wait 30 more minutes and also make yourself drink a whole glass of water first. brush your teeth many times throughout the day.
    just some ideas. hope some of it works

  2. I'll try. I notice that one thing I do have is a really bad sweet tooth. I have to have some chocolate every other day. Instead of stopping for a chocolate sundae on my home from work or the gym, I bought a few containers of Haagen Daz low-fat chocolate sorbet today & decided that will have to do from now on.
    I definitely can't go cold turkey because I know that won't work.
    I'll try drinking more H20. Maybe that will help.
    I've done the brushing your teeth thing & for some reason, it doesn't work for me. I still seem to eat whatever. Lol.

  3. when you want chocolate try eating a really REALLY sour pickle. it sorta turns your taste buds

  4. Seriously? lol. I like pickles anyway so I don't know if that work.
    But thank you. I know you're trying to help.

  5. one more thing that works for me i keep all my snacks in a separate place in containers in the cupboard. when i want a snack i go down and get only what i can fit into my palm and then got back upstairs and eat it. this restricts the portion and it makes me think. a lot of times when i get down there - i decide that i really dont need a snack after all.

  6. Where are you getting all the snacks from? Vending machines? Starbucks? Are you bringing it to work yourself? You can easily avoid most places of junk food origin if you really want to.
    My best piece of advice about snacking: Nip it in the bud by ALWAYS having a healthier snacking option around. When you go to work, make sure you have some fruit, some carrots, a small amount of nuts, maybe some Laughing Cow cheese, some Wasa crisps. Give yourself better options to snack on.
    Also, are you drinking enough water during the day? It's much healthier for you to mindlessly drink water than mindlessly eat junk food! And people often mistake hunger for thirst.

  7. Well I get my frapuccino's from Starbucks about 3x a week. Other than that, I bring the snacks to work (or the library) with me.
    I'm starting to snack on Edamame & Hommus. But even too much snacking on that is not good, am I right? My edamame has to be salty because I hate eating it plain and well hommus I can snack on that all day.
    I'm trying to aim for healthier snacks.
    Right now, my snacks consist of: hershey's kisses, chocolate chip muffins, lots of fruit, baked chips, chocolate tidbits, etc.
    As you can see, I most definitely have a sweet tooth.
    It's hard to break old habits but I want to!

  8. Edamame and hummus are great snacks, in moderation. Sounds like you need some help in the "in moderation" realm. :) Perhaps invest in some small tupperware and USE it.
    And that Starbucks adds up really quickly calorically, especially if it's the non-light frapuccinos, with whipped cream, or large sizes.
    I'd suggest slowly starting to limit yourself all that sugary crap. Instead of Starbucks 3x a week, try only once. Instead of eating ALL that chocolate stuff, buy one dark chocolate bar and stretch it out the entire week. Eat a small piece each day.

  9. I think I just might. Today was no good. If I tell you what I ate today, you'd think I was making it up. But tomorrow's a new day & I'm going to try to do better.

  10. Well actually, I get the small light frapuccino with no whipped cream. But I'm not defending it! ;)

  11. a link to the calories in Starbucks beverages

  12. I do love their Tazo Iced green tea.

  13. try some Zone bars I'm not fond of chocolate and get the non-chocolate kind. But they are sooooo sweet, crunchy and chewy. And after I open one, I eat some and wrap up the rest for later...takes me about an hour to get through a bar...feeling sinful all the way. Calorie count at 180 and 15 grams of protein. I've seen a dozen or more chocolate ones and rather than being empty calories, they tame the hunger demon. Try it! Or, check out the other brands and find some you like.

  14. OMG, Zone makes some delicious.. dark chocolate and dark chocolate raspberry bars. I found them at 7-11. They helped me through my t.o.m. last month. mmmm, sounds good right now!

  15. Fudge Graham tastes like a s'more.

  16. in fact i just had one for dessert

  17. I just saw those at the store the other day! They have about 210 calories and lots of *bad* fat. Great rec!

  18. I will. I was never a fan of those protein bars because they taste like s*** but what the heck, anything that will help!

  19. Sugar is a no-no Sugar will sabotage your metabolism an slow down, even prevent you from burning fat.
    You gotta cut out all sugar, protein will boost metabolism.
    If your gonna eat carbs, make sure they are veggies, whole grain oats. Anything with Enriched flour(crackers, most bread) or High Fructose Corn Syrup(soda, most bread, fruit juices) is very bad for your diet if your trying to lose fat.
    Look for organic products

  20. I know. It's sugar I'm addicted to obviously. Even though I work out a lot, I'm surprised w/all that I eat that I'm not fat.

  21. snack on fresh fruit If you find yourself getting hungry during the day, snack on fresh ripe fruits. Fruit offers energy, hydration, fiber, vitamins and mineral and phytonutrients. And it makes you feel good and feel good about yourself. :)

  22. I do snack on LOTS of fruit.....but what about all that sugar?

  23. fruit = natural candy :) before there were sinister corporations to sell your snickers bars & bags of granulated sugar...
    people ONLY ate fruit :) it WAS candy,
    if anyone was craving anything sweet AKA if anyone needed carbohydrates, they picked up a piece of fruit or a hunk of something that grew out of the earth because that was the only *sensible* option to cure their hungers...
    now we have thousands of corporations at every corner BEGGING you to eat their products...
    if you replace your candies/snacks with fruit, you can eat all the fruit you want, exercise as usual, and like *you have already stated*
    be really toned along with "not being fat"
    while you eat all the *WHOLE* foods you could ever eat, within reason:(if you eat 1000 potatoes @ once, you aren't going to have prettier muscles, hehehe)

  24. You dont know much about the sugar in fruit Any sugar, including the natural sugar that occurs in fruit will slow your metabolism down.
    Granted its not as bad as refined sugar, but it will still jack your ability to burn off fat.

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