How would you eat "Cowboy Caviar" other than a

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  1. With a big spoon! LOL That sounds yummy just on it's own, I'd have it as a side dish. But how about in a wrap with some chicken breast?

  2. I think it sounds like it would be PERFECT with chicken, yeah.

  3. Chicken, black beans and cilantro...

  4. It does have cilantro and I think some black beans. The addition of chicken does sound good. I just get a craving for it once in awhile.

  5. on romaine lettuce leaves? make your won lettuce cups!

  6. sorry my answer was dumb
    you did not want a salad!
    I think it would go well with shrimp - it sounds ceviche-like!

  7. "cowboy Caviar" and some SUN is heaven

  8. Interesting.

  9. That sounds a bit like a salsa I often make. Mine has lots of black beans and hot sauce too. I like it with scrambled eggs in a multi-grain wrap for "cowgirl breakfast."

  10. How about with a low carb tortilla. Sounds good.

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