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  1. i had a friend who performed hypnosis therapy on people for all sorts of things - quitting smoking, losing weight included.
    i think if you went into with an open mind and thought of it as an "alternative treatment," and didn't expect the hypnosis itself to cure you but thought of it more of an assist that went with all the other things you were doing, you could see results from it.
    my friend explained it to me as imprinting a positive thought chain for people who were having a hard time establishing one on their own. and put that way, it made a lot more sense to me.

  2. Good advice. It's a good suppliment. It can help with the motivation.
    I used it to quit smoking, but I was already very committed to quiting and had started. I felt the hypnosis made it 'easier'.

  3. Here's what I think Several years ago, I bought a video tape that dealt with subliminal programming to facilitate weight loss.
    It was about $15. I figured, "what the hell."
    You were to watch the tape (about 20 minutes) every day for a month.
    Initially, I don't think anything changed as a result of me watching the tape for a month. Let's face it, the weight did not just start falling off.
    BUT. What the tape did was to make me more comfortable with POSITIVE messages. Such as:
    I drink water
    I exercise daily
    I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
    I am getting healthier
    I am happy with my life
    A few years later, when I really decided to "get serious" and knock off about 25 pounds in 6 months... that foundation was there, and I think it made a HUGE difference in my MENTAL attitude about it.
    In short.. I think it helped me "get my mind right."
    And that has made all the difference in my ultimate success at losing the weight initially and then keeping it off for over 3 years.

  4. My sister did it to stop smoking. It worked.

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