I blew off the gym last night.

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  1. So did I. No big deal. I needed the day off. I'm going tonight.

  2. Tonight is Dinner with the Boys, at one of Manhattan's finer restaurants.

  3. maybe why did you blow it off?

  4. My usual tuesday night partner couldn't make it, and I didn't feel like getting dressed.

  5. If I only went to the gym with my gym partner, I'd never go. (Ever since I joined, she only goes regularly in spurts).
    Maybe next time if you post before blowing it off, we could convince you to change your mind? :)

  6. I don't ONLY go with him just on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Sundays I go alone.
    I could try that. What would your arguments be?

  7. I dunno, I'd just tell you to go Personally, I'm really good with motivational posts :) But I'm sure ElWhyte would come along with a really inspirational post to motivate you to go!
    If I plan to go to the gym and I don't, then I end up not doing anything productive at all. . . So that's part of my motivation just to go to the gym. Anyways, I'm usually at the gym on Tuesdays, so if your partner flakes again, we can be pretend gym buddies!

  8. virtual gym buddies? ok, you've got a deal.

  9. Alright!

  10. Oh, see if someone cancels on me. I go any way. I figure that time was already set aside for me to sweat my butt off, so why not take advantage of the opportunity given to me.
    No worries though. There is a workout in your future. A muddy, bloody, sweaty, teary one. (maybe?)
    I've been hella tired lately and had been making not the greatest food choices because of it. So I figured a good night's sleep was just the workout I needed last night.
    I feel much better today.

  11. I've been known to go when he's cancelled it just didn't happen last night.
    And yes, there is a workout in my future - tomorrow night, no doubt.

  12. especially after your virtual flogging ;)

  13. kinky.

  14. Sometimes it's good to take a day off. That's why we don't generally work 7 days a week.

  15. A day off is important - but not because you're being lazy.

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