I just tried some

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  1. i get mine fresh! either in the shells or w/out.
    To go w/ the TJ's discussion below, you can get them there, in the refridge area.
    I get them in Japantown personally, but look around your asian markets. They will probably have the best selection and price. Go fresh though!

  2. mmmmm edamame Trader Joe's has it frozen.
    mmmmmmmmmmmmm me lurvs it

  3. TJ's.

  4. Sam's Club. Also some Asian mixed veggies.

  5. Any asian market usually carries it

  6. Thanks, I'll check the Asian Markets and TJ's. You know I never thought I'd like soybeans. Up until now my only experience with soy was soy sauce which I use sparingly because it's to salty for my taste and those things they call bbq beef sandwiches at the drive-in. I read the label on one of those one time, the first ingredient was textured soy protein followed by a lot of chemicals I couldn't begin to pronounce, nowhere on the label did it actually list beef.

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