i want to be the biggest loser!!

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  1. So... you don't care whether or not you do this in a healthy way... You don't care whether or not you damage your health?
    You don't care whether the weight stays off long-term? You don't care whether you eventually gain MORE weight once this challenge is over?
    You just want to win the money?
    Is that right?

  2. how could they damage their health? why would they gain more weight than they are now?

  3. When you go on a very strict diet What you tell your body is.. "whoa.. there's a famine... hang on..."
    The body responds by lowering metabolism.
    When you off the diet.. your tell your body.. "OK.. plenty of food now.. restock"...
    And your body begins to pack on the fat in preparation for the next famine. You gain the weight you lost back quickly, and then you add some more for good measure.
    This is an evolutionary thing that helped our ancestors survive. Our bodies learned to adapt in times of famine and stock up in times of plenty.
    Most people who are morbidly obese have dieted their way to that point... losing 10 pounds, gaining 15.. losing 20, gaining 30.. losing 30, gaining 50...
    It's not a good way to lose weight for the long term.
    In order to do that, you should eat sensible portions of healthy food and get daily exercise. You should aim at losing 1-2 pounds a week.. and make it a permanent change to your lifestyle (rather than a project that you finish).
    That's the best chance you have to keep it off.

  4. yup, im in it to win it no, really im healthy, i care about my health of course, whats so harmful about losing fat and lowering my BMI

  5. ill worry about the long term after i win $$

  6. nothing wrong with what you are doing Congrats - you are on a good path. I don't get the "losing weight is bad" mentality in here - I think it's kind of defeatist.
    If you are already working on a lot, and want to lose more, maybe do some tighter calorie control. Set a target goal (1400 calories? 45 g of fat per day) and keep a food diary. Write down every morsel and sip that pass your lips. Give up beer.
    Yay for you! What are you going to do with your winnings??

  7. a person can lose about 3.5 pounds of fat a week, at the MOST. Liquid diets and fasts and similar super low calorie plans cause a person to lose fat and muscle. The less muscle you have, the less metabolically active tissue you have, the slower your metabolism becomes, the fewer calories you can eat, and so on, and so on. Muscle is easy to lose, and really hard to regain.

  8. im pretty muscular and dont want any more, except for abs mabe. again, my weakness is sweats and ill guess ill have to give those up.

  9. thanks for the advice

  10. plus 5 elaine

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