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  1. My thoughts You need to make this a priority. Maybe instead of a rather vain reason ("I want to wear a bikini" -- which is something you definitely can do again!) which is easy to set aside when unhealthy food comes along, think, "I want to be healthy and active when my grandkids (who aren't yet born) are teenagers."
    Perhaps thinking long-term and changing your focus to your health might help?
    Try to find some cardio you can do for your health -- water running? swimming? elliptical machine? Incorporate weights. Eat healthy. You know how to do it, so now you just have to implement it.
    Good luck!

  2. Why not look good for me? Vane or not? I need a vane reason to get me motivated. If people have to quit drinking for themselves, or quit doing drugs for themselves, why not loose weight for myself? I was at the doctors no too long ago and bp was excellent, cholesterol was 160ish. So health can't be my motivator. That weight chart some doctor's offices have displayed is "outdated for the society we live in" (or something very close to that) as per my doctor. Those charts were comprised of information way back when, when people didn't care about fitness, and being muscle weighs more than fat...Put it this way, by the chart, I should be max 160lbs roughly. Minimum I can't recall something like 140??? Either way, at my thinnest (in my adult years)I was 148. I looked emaciated. I was so thin you could count every rib and see muscles like a 10 pack instead of a 6 pack. It wasn't attractive at all. All I would like to do, vane or not, is to look good for me, look good for my husband. A few years ago, I went on a diet, I went down to 175 lbs. I had a nice stomach, You could see my collar bones, I still had an ass, and was wearing a 32x34 straight leg levis. I looked good I was happy with myself. Anyway thanks for the words of encouragement. Time to make dinner...baked marinated chicken (try marinating in it. dressing and honey half and half, amazing), and side of noodles (only for the kids), and a giant salad to fill me up first.

  3. How tall are you?

  4. I'm 5'10"

  5. Why can't health be your motivator? Call it maintenance (and wanting to look good is not vain).

  6. I didn't think wanting to look good is vane, but some of the responses I have received were negative. And my original post received 2 negative red numbers...what's up with that? I was being honest in my post, what is wrong with honesty? Anyway, vane or not vane, I want to look good. Maybe it has something to do with moving away from all family and friends...they were usually the people who when you saw them offered a comment like "you look nice", or when I mentioned going on a diet they would ask "why"...that kind of thing. Here in Florida you don't wear makeup because it runs off your face in the heat and clothing is tanks and shorts, and hair is up off your neck so...at home I always look like I'm on my way to the gym, and if I do dress up (still consisting of dressier shorts and tank top and hair down with a little lip gloss I get "mom, where are you going?" or something from the husband like "what are you all dressed up for?"...I'm officially off the subject. Bottom line I just want to look in the mirror and be satisfied.

  7. who knows why people neg? Don't take it personally. Maybe it's the fact you think you need money to work out or perhaps they think your motivation is skewed. Hell, it could have been your misspellings. Sometimes it's just because people are cranky.
    The neg numbers could have been from one person. You can neg someone up to -5 points.

  8. Sorry -- didn't mean to make it sound like a bad thing -- although I can see the negative connotations there.
    I totally agree with doing it for yourself and trying to look your best! Some people just seem to have more commitment when they realize they don't want to be limited in their choices when they're older, but that's not the case with you!
    Are you doing any sort of weight training? The right program could make a difference in your abs. For me, diet certainly is a component, but I feel like it's my exercise routine that has made my body into what I want it to be.
    Hope I was more clear this time :)

  9. Also -- just reread your first post and forgot something.
    You don't NEED to join a gym or buy expensive equipment to get a good weight workout in. I'm not entirely sure what you'd be able to do due to your joint issues, so keep that in mind.
    I lift at home, with dumbbells, barbells, a bench, and a lat machine. I know there are people here who get good workouts in using resistance bands (if you search google or the forum, you should find info).
    I really like the book "Getting Stronger" by Bill Pearl which features tons of exercises you can do for each body part, including specific ones targeting the abs. You can find it for about $6, including shipping, online, or go to the library. I'm sure there are other great books, but I haven't tried them.
    Again, good luck. Once you get back into the routine, I'd think it would come easily since you were so athletic in the past!!!

  10. Weight training? Don't laugh, but I'm a carpenter. It's not typical for a girl, but basically the story is I went to school for business and art, art gradually turned into design. Then I married a carpenter and started doing designing of furniture, kitchens, tile and hardwood inlaid flooring etc for him. Being on job sites got me doing things, people didn't show up, I did little stuff, eventually, over the years carry this turned into cut this tile for me, grout this floor, do the kitchen while I finish the bath up and voila...I am a carpenter. So most of my exercising is up and down off the floor, up and down the ladder, for a while not too long ago I used to carry 85 lbs of shingles up a ladder to a roof...(it does amazing things for the calves and obliques). So I really don't have a plan, I just know if I'm doing hardwood, my ass is going to perk up, and my legs are going to be sore all around. Roofing, I'm getting too old for so I'm going to have to go back to the old school with crunches, push ups and sit-ups. That covers it.

  11. Are you sure your job entails utilizing all your muscle groups? I was a waitress for a long time, ran my ass off, hauled really large, heavy trays over my head; then as a bartender I lifted boxes upon boxes of beer and liquor daily, broke down the boxes, moved a lot, etc.
    There was still VAST room for improvement. I'd strongly suggest weight training as well.

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