I'm sick of popping in here and saying

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  1. Looks to me like You have a plan. That's a good thing.
    What you need to do now is hold yourself accountable to WORKING the plan.
    Check in with yourself to make sure:
    1. You're following the plan (no ratonalizing allowed!).
    2. The plan is working.
    If you are following the plan and it is working, then you just keep on going.
    If you are following the plan and it is not working, then you need to re-evaluate the plan and adjust accordingly.
    If you are not following the plan.. well.. you know what you need to do.
    Good luck. Keep your focus (which means ask yourself every day what it is you want, and WHY you want it).

  2. Thanks. :) I remember what I felt like when I was actually losing. Making good choices were easy because I was being totally truthful with myself.
    Rationalizing is definitely the path of the dieting devil. : ) No more.

  3. for me... ...maintaining is the hard part! I think you've done an incredible thing by not gaining it back. You can do this, too!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm eating a little breakfast so I can get to the gym before the wedding I have to go to today.

  5. welcome back As I recall you always have excellent cooking tips. Congrats on being able to maintain through that stressful time of you life. Are you still in Vegas or have you moved back? Your plan sounds like a good one that should help you get to your goals. I've taken a few couple month long breaks in my dietining in which I just maintained for a while. What's helped me get back to losing is cinching up my diet a bit and refocusing on the exercising. A good one for me was working on improving my running. Have you done the couch to 5K program before? That worked great for me and after that I worked on doing drills to help increase my time for my 5K's. I'm still working on that, but its good motivation to get out there and run.
    Good luck and again, Welcome Back.

  6. What kind of drills? I'd love to see something like that.
    I did do the Couch to 5K, and ran my first 5K back in November. I'm planning on running it again this November and would love to work on my crappy time. :)

  7. Where's Chidame with a link? :) I am by no means an expert at this and have just recently started doing them, but so far so good. If you search around the coolrunnings website they will have some more information.
    But, things like interval runs or farklets, hill workouts, distance runs, recovery runs, etc are all good. I used to think there was only once style of running. I would go and run my route at about the same pace day in and day out. I wasn't getting any faster at it and as explained to me here, I was basically teaching myself to run at that same pace. By varying the types of runs you do, you can get better at different parts of running that will help you in a race. For example the hill workout I do has helped me a lot. There's this really big hill about a mile away from where I meet my friend. We warm up by running slowly to that hill. When there we have two set points (a sign at the bottom and mid way up for me, farther apart for her because she's more advanced than I). We start at the bottom and try to run up the hill and a nice steady, slightly quicker pace. Once we reach the top sign, we turn around and walk/jog back down the hill using that time to recover a bit. Hit the bottom and repeat. We do this for 20 minutes and see how many loops we can make. Then the next week you try to improve how many loops you can make. (Hint: you get faster by jogging more of the recovery downhill part.) The key though is to try to keep your uphill part at a consistant good pace. I did this workout and some interval runs for about 3 weeks and shaved almost 3 minutes off my 5K time. So, to me they really really work.
    Hope that makes sense and helps

  8. Nice! Thanks. I do some HIIT on the treadmill, but that's really my only interval work. I really should try to mix it up somewhat.
    Plus I didn't do a ton of running in the months after the 5K, so I'm trying to just get back up to speed in general now. I'm actually re-doing the Couch to 5K a bit starting at Week 4, with aims to run all the parts at a faster pace than I did the first time.
    I like the idea of adding more interval stuff when I'm done with that though. Shake things up a bit. I get a bit bored with just straight running.

  9. where do you run and what time to you go? i like to run in between 5ish and 6isham. it's still cool out side and if you don't so mornings running at night works too as long as the sun has already gone down. here in Ga we have great wooded places to run but i am sure that is unavalible to you in Arizona!

  10. I usually run on the treadmill at the gym, although now that I'm still getting up before 7am, I'm going to try to do some outside in my neighborhood (which is GREAT for running).
    I just did it now, but it's already getting so hot in the morning. I can't do more than 25 minutes or so without getting exhausted by the heat.

  11. Hi! For one, don't be hard on yourself. lol. You did a great job maintaining! Congrats. We all know that can be the most difficult part.
    I don't believe you had a long plateau. It sounds like you weren't eating according to your previous plan and weren't exercising as much. Plateauing is doing the same thing, but not losing anymore.
    I think if you go back to your old plan you will find it will start coming off easily again. Yes, you need fewer calories than you did at 280, but you probably aren't as hungry as were then either.
    And, since you didn't stop exercising completely, I think you will find it easy to get back in the swing of things.

  12. What about finding a way to work out at home so that you aren't dependent on going some place? Vegas is hot, so i know doing extensive walking is out of the question, but is there a way you could incorporate more schedule friendly exercise into your routine?

  13. I'll be fine for the summer. I like going to the gym when I don't have to work. LOL. :)
    But when the school year starts back up and winter rolls around, I really do want to try to run/bike outdoors more since winter is doable for that around here.

  14. wb caz you sound like you have plenty of motivation.
    now you just need a plan.

  15. congratulations on maintaining a huge weight loss in the face of a lot of stress. I think that is quite a victory. As far as jump-starting goes, I've had luck with adding more protein to my meals, and switching my standard sandwich lunch for a spinach salad with homemade vinaigrette (no fat free dressings for me, ugh) hard-boiled egg and pumpkin seeds. (thanks, difo!)

  16. maintaining 60 lbs off is fantastic! good luck with the rest of what you want to lose and can i reccomend biking? its fun and you swim and run already maybe you could go for a triatholon(sp) instead of just the 5k! that would be a good goal with training that would help you lose the weight you want!

  17. Actually, I do bike. And there's a sprint triathlon in my hometown back in MA that I'm
    tentatively thinking about doing next summer.
    Oy. It feels like such a big thing, but I really do think it would jumpstart me by giving me something specific to train for. I can already do all the parts of a triathlon by themselves. I just can't do them all together, you know? I'm still thinking about it.
    How much time would I need to give myself to train for one?

  18. Thanks y'all! It's so nice to be back here with all you lovely encouraging people!
    I actually went out for a run outside! Was good, but it got too hot there towards the end. But I still burned 300 calories (thanks HRM)!

  19. wow, caz, that's a lot to go through especially all at once.
    huge props for keeping the weight off and I wish you the very best luck on the rest of your journey.

  20. Hi there! I am just wondering if you are interested in being an e-mail buddy. I am considered an obese person and have started off at 250 and now have lost like close to 20 pounds but now at a stand still. I am looking for someone that would be interested in doing this together and let me know how it is going for them and the other way around as well. If you are interested you can let me know. Just to let you know that i am seeing a dietician and hiring a trainer in the next few weeks but have been off track.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this

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