iron difo theme ingredients

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  1. Quick Q: Does the email address get published in the profile?

  2. It's up to you. You can select whether you want your email addy to be public or not on your profile page. I believe it defaults to private.

  3. Ah, ok. I only have a school email address, and I was trying to figure out whether I should register something more anonymous. Thanks!

  4. yip default is private

  5. I emailed but haven't been approved yet?

  6. same here

  7. oy and oy you both had invitations sent to you on 7/31. i'll click the resend button - maybe check your spam folder?

  8. i sent an email...thanks!

  9. I emailed, too!

  10. sent and sent

  11. Thanks Chi!

  12. Maybe I havent waited long enough but I haven't gotten it. I checked the junk folder.

  13. it should come right away.

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