is anyone trying...

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  1. congrats and welcome!

  2. Didn't see it, but I'll look for it, usually when I see titles like that I assume they're infomecials.

  3. ideas weren't bad eat when you are hungry
    eat what you want
    eat consciously (pay attention, eat slow)
    stop when you are full
    THe idea was to think about what you eat and not shovel food in your mouth. He says to put your fork and knife down after every bite. Chew slowly. No reading or watching tv (or anything else than talking with somneone) while eating.

  4. dont have cable but am very interested. do you remember any (besides not watching TV at dinner) that you can share with us??

  5. Don't know those techniques, but I also screwed up my metabolism through eating disorders about 13 years ago :(
    But, you can definitely recover!
    I know you're not asking for relationship advice, but maybe you could explain how important this is to your BF? Mine (now husband) was so supportive to me when I was going through this and I know it would have been a lot harder if he hadn't been.
    Good luck and stick around!

  6. Good ideas Years ago, I read a book called Diets Don't Work and so far the TV show is following what the book talked about.
    The things he is talking about are good techniques. Most of us eat too fast -- just shoveling in the food without really paying attention to what it is, and whether we are really hungry.
    Basically, I lost 40 pounds by only eating when I was hungry -- and making a commitment to a brisk hour walk every day.

  7. Slowing down when I eat has helped soooooo much! A lighbulb really clicked on when I watched.
    It really puts me at peace that I can eat whatever I want (which is usually pretty healthy stuff) whenever I'm hungry. I find that I'm obsessing a lot less and haven't even come close to binging!
    One dissapointment though is the loss of my love for lean cuisine :( I almost cried when the woman on the show threw hers away! I thought it was the most delicious and convenient lunch until I started chewing slowly and without reading the news blehhh! Haven't even been able to look at one since Monday. But at least it'll cut back my sodium intake a bit.

  8. I try to eat with chopsticks as much as possible i find it really makes me slow down and think about what i'm eating

  9. I agree. Good ideas. I have really cut back on my portion size, simply by chewing. When I paid attention to how I was eating, I was just shoveling the food in and barely chewing it. That meant the taste buds had only a fleeting contact with my food, as well as my digestive tract having to work so much harder and food staying in my system so much longer because I didn't break it down by chewing.
    I actually had to count the number of chews I made in order to slow down. Forty was too many, but I adjusted well to twenty-five. Well, this resulted in my putting my fork down because I was spending the time chewing. It also resulted in my eating less. It took me so much more time to eat, that my mind was finally getting the message that I was full - and before I'd finished what was on my plate.
    So weird. This is how we teach babies and young children to eat - chewing a lot & eating slowly. Sometimes back to basics is just the ticket to getting things on track.

  10. welcome to difo :) i wanted to watch the show, but my husband demanded to watch the wire first season instead :)

  11. Haven't heard of it (I don't watch tv) but feel free to share which techniques work out for you!
    Welcome to DiFo, btw :)

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