Is this an okay dieting strategy?

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  1. Umm no.

  2. It can work better than gourging yourself on crappy fried foods, but why not be more balanced and truly strategic about your approach?

  3. well I am trying to add in protein and stategic fats. But I was thinking replace my old calories with the same amount of calories in fruit and veggies. That way I am practically continuously eating throughout the day.

  4. This is a totally different impression than your post above.
    Eating a lot of vegetables in combination with good protein sources and fats is an awesome diet.
    I eat every 2 hours now... seems to really keep me going :)

  5. I would try cup for cup replacements rather than calories UNLESS you currently have a calorie count that is where it should be. Like a cup of veggies instead of a cup of fries would be about 30 calories compared to (I don't even want to think about that number!!) It would be more nutritious and if you need to lose ANY weight, you would probably see some drop without even exercising.
    I cut out fast food and lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks. I rarely want the fries now but I like baked potatoes and broccoli. I like cheese but not the beef so much. And fruit is a meal - with yogurt added, it's dessert or ice cream. It can replace candy!!! I would say it's a good start and you do get so you don't want the fatty foods.

  6. "work" to me would mean that the results last so no

  7. 3 servings fruit MAX -- all the veggies you want honestly, you really need to concentrate on getting enough GOOD proteins -- most people don't get nearly enough in their diets. same with fiber -- but if you eat a lot of veggies, you should be good.
    and yes, calories DO count, no matter what you are eating.
    here's an idea -- go to fitday and fill out what you've eaten the last few days (as far back as you can remember), then post your public profile here. then we can see what you're up to
    honestly, if you need help with meal plans or grocery list, i'm glad to help. just don't go about it all willy nilly -- you need perspective and a holistic plan

  8. sort of? if you are worried about not getting enough to eat to feel full, concentrating on low calorie density foods that are high in volume is a strategy you can use. foods that have a large amount of air, fiber, water or all 3 have a lot of bulk for relatively little calorie cost. so you can eat a lot of foods like airpopped popcorn, watermelon, broccoli, etc. for minimal calorie cost.
    vegetables are perfect for this because their cell structure makes them mostly fiber and water.
    any start is going to be a good start as long as you don't let it tank you later if you aren't perfectly perfect right off the bat. when i started, i didn't know what to do, so i decided to eat soup, salad, or cereal - because those were 3 things i never ate in my then daily habit. it isn't a strategy i stayed with forever, but it did get me going.
    i thought you might like these links - they show different kinds of foods and the amount you can have for the same calorie cost:
    for this one, click the pic to see the full plate
    same here, clicking the pic takes you to the full photo and plate

  9. Loved the link myself. And you can look at how much broccoli and other things you can have for the same amount of calories as the fries - definitely more satisfying to the hunger pains!

  10. the chocolate pictures make me sad :)

  11. I rarely want it now - the fruit and my flavored yogurts are sweet. "He" wanted ice cream - with chocolate the other day - I wanted my berries. I think I'm doing ok - despite the sweet tooth. I used to have a chocolate bar a day. Now I have fruit and it's much more satisfying.
    I need to plan a BD party for August and the kids want chocolate cake. I'm thinking I might have to make a bowl of fruit salad, too.

  12. Nope. Limit your fruits.
    Eat all the non-starchy veggies you want.
    Eat heart-healthy whole grains.
    Eat lean protein.
    Eat healthy fats.

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