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  1. I don't eat beef or pork. Just the occasional poultry (but lots of seafood) and I want to have sex everyday, more often than my DH.

  2. eating meat if it's his meat, should increase your libido

  3. No, vegetarian eating doesn't effect libido. If you have sufficient iron in your diet (or supplements) then you should not have any anemia either. Anemia is often undiagnosed but easily tested for by your MD with a quick finger prick.
    Stress, lack of sleep, and dehydration will also drop energy levels, and could play out in lack of libido. Take care of yourself and your iron levels and you should be fine.

  4. Occasionally some people get a reaction to soy which affects thyroid function. If the person not eating meat is replacing with soy [not fermented soy but tofu or soy milk], then there can be an effect on libido over time. A doc can run a blood test to see if the thyroid levels are affected.
    Soy is a goitrogen; it can interfere with thyroid function.

  5. I'm not sure But when I added more protein & cut back on carbs. It really seemed like I had a much better sex drive.
    I would make sure that you at least get plenty of protein. Even if you aren't eating meat.

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