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  1. Wow! Amazing!

  2. yay CONGRATS!! But what is a great gracie trimming adventure?

  3. Our 22 pound Maine Coon cat gets trimmed ... for the summer (and she doesn't like being groomed!) The mobile groomer is coming over, plus several friends.
    Her Royal Highness

  4. good for you! congrats!

  5. Holy Moly, Molly! You look incredible!!! Wow, what an achievement!!
    You're such an inspiration--congratulations, and thank you for posting.
    Also congrats on DH's impending arrival. I'm a bit jealous. I know it's probably been tough, emotionally, without him, so I applaud your ability to stick to your guns and keep on track.
    Great job!!!

  6. Awesome!! I'm sure he will be pleasantly surprised. :)

  7. Thats incredible!! Congrats!

  8. You look GREAT!

  9. Go molly!

  10. Great job! I know it is an ongoing struggle sometimes, but moments like this make it all worthwhile! Keep up the good work, you look great!

  11. Look great!

  12. You're gonna need a name tag when your husband gets home!!
    Keep it up, girl!

  13. Awesome glow to your face! Congratulations on a job well done!

  14. you look awesome, molly :) congratulations on a month of maintenance

  15. woohoo!! congrats!

  16. I was just wondering how your maintenance was going. Well, you are not only maintaining, but you're losing!! How wonderful. Doesn't it make you feel good knowing this weight loss is forever?!
    To what do you attribute this to? You say you're eating a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily 'diet friendly' like, beef, ham, cheese, nuts. Is moderation the key? Do you find you can now eat things you didn't when you were losing, but you just eat much smaller portions than before? Are you eating what you want when you go out, but then eat sensibly on purpose at home?
    I'm planning on taking the winter off and am working on a 'plan'.

  17. GREAT job!!!!!! You're an inspiration to all!!!

  18. Late to the party as usual, but just wanted to say WOW!!! Well done, Molly. You are positively GLOWING!!!!!!

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