Lunch thread? Whatdya have?

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  1. patties and spinach I tried to eat some sushi this weekend and it appears I jumped the gun on items you have to chew! I wanted to cut up the fish and just swallow it, but I decided that wouldn't be ladylike.

  2. buffalo patty (made with black beans and cumin - it was a successful experiment) with laughing cow and sriracha on a thomas's light english muffin and some carrots.
    and a diet rite orange soda :)
    i have an apple and/or yogurt and/or pistachios for later.
    beans and rice and avocado sound good.

  3. it was pretty tasty... just a jumble of leftovers in the fridge really.
    What is sriracha?

  4. thai hot sauce very, very addicting:

  5. Hubby loves the rooster one And around here it's called "rooster sauce" LOL!

  6. omg, that's why my bf and i call it too!

  7. Sandwich Hummus and turkey slices on sesame ezekiel with sliced cucumbers, and lettuce. Side of celery sticks and grape tomatoes. I have a banana for later.

  8. hummus also sounds great. did you make yours, or is it store-bought?

  9. I bought it in the refrigerated section at whole foods. It's the traditional one. It actually tastes pretty close to homemade, though. It doesn't have that blended-unaturally smooth consistency some store bought ones have.

  10. Grilled chicken salad (homeade) with that TJ's champagne pear dressing, gosh I am LOVING that stuff!
    I have a cottage cheese, granola, fruit mix cup from Fresh and Easy if I need a snack.
    I am sneaking out early from work today just so I can work out, is that horrible?

  11. no! I do that a lot actually. :D

  12. Really? I usually can't. But dang, I just can't sit still in this chair today!

  13. Yeah, well I normally do 2 or 3 times a week. But I'm also normally here a half hour early, and quite often a half hour to an hour late so I figure I am entitled to sneak out occassionally.

  14. lovely! My boss flips when I am gone, no matter how early I come in. Even though there are two other competent people here who can handle it.
    It's okay it's just that it gets hard sitting here for 9 hours with no breaks.
    He is out of town, so well, darn it, I am going to take advantage while I can!!!

  15. dooooo it that's pretty effed up, no breaks for 9 hours?! I hope you take advantage of bathroom breaks

  16. lol, yeah it's kinda a joke around here about how he gets upset if I happen to be peeing when he needs something.
    On the plus side, I do bring my dog to owrk and I get to take him out a few times a day so I get a little sun and a moment away.
    It's pretty cool that he let's me do that, so ya take the good with the bad.
    I am excited to bail and hit the park though, I am actually JOGGING now!

  17. AWESOME! that's great az! Good for you, transitioning into jogging was pretty tough for me and I was stoked when I finally did it.
    Yeah, the whole dog thing is a huge plus. Guess you really do take the good with the bad.

  18. leftovers I made such a kick ass dinner last night, seriously, it was awesome. I stir fried mushrooms, carrots, black beans and cabbage with some diluted teriyaki (sp?) sauce and garlic. I and then baked some chicken thighs (boneless, skinless) with a light glaze of honey and garlic. Then added it on top of the stir fry.
    It was so fast and so simple and so freaking good.
    I <3 cabbage!

  19. No appetite So I grabbed an iced coffee.
    -2 iced coffees
    -1 bran muffin
    For the day so far!
    I need to take another short break and go grab a massive, protein packed salad somewhere.
    I am NOT a non-eater, damnit!

  20. salty goodness :) egg salad (healthy version, more whites than yolks) on whole wheat, with a couple of pickle spears and carrot sticks.

  21. I made a super veggie pasta bake that I will eat off all week.
    It was really good and I'm glad I didn't have access to the whole casserole. A lot more would have been gone.

  22. share recipe?

  23. it was a giada it didn't have garlic, which I disagree with, so I added, um, 6 cloves :)
    Also, watch it in the oven. I had to stir once because it was getting too brown on top. You may want to boil the pasta for a minute or so longer than the 6 she recommends. Mine are a wee bit underdone.

  24. looks awesome, but.. I would probably cut out some of the cheese, or switch to a different kind that the bf would eat too. He's a cheese hater and only eats mozzarella, or something similar that I can sneak in.

  25. whadya think the damage is calorically? I had a tuna maki roll
    miso soup
    grilled salmon w/ sesame sauce (the sauce was a thick paste, prob about 2 tbsp of it)

  26. Im not sure about the damage... but it sounds tasty anyway. Did you go out?

  27. Yep! my boss took me out for lunch cause it's my last week here. It was pretty delish and I stayed away from the tempura which is always hard (tempura shrimp AND tempura sweet potato... will of steel!!)

  28. ah yes...tempura sweet potato curse the japanese and their delicious fried vegetables.

  29. going on week 2 of the same thing! Spinach/Romaine salad w/ feta, sunflower nuts and grape tomato
    Homemade Turkey meatballs w/ spinach w/ a little marinara!
    I haven't gotten tired of it yet! :)

  30. lunch on the fly... I had to gas up and run to the grocery store to pick up deli meat.
    Lunch at my kitchen counter was shaved honey turkey on whole wheat with a bit of mayo, fat free cheese and HOMEMADE tomato slices. Mini-bag of 100 calorie microwave popcorn and a peach.

  31. Homemade tomato slices?

  32. Im thinking HOMEGROWN?? :)

  33. whooops.. duh, yes, homegrown

  34. Not sure... Was tired & cranky this AM and nothing in my fridge looked appetizing. Worst part is that my co-worker just returned and brought me the most heavenly homemade oat bars and zucchini bread (that thoughtful bitch!) but I had one peice of each for bfast and am resisting temptation as we speak.
    I have light string cheese, muscle milk light, and grapefruit in my fridge, so I guess that's lunch! :)

  35. New York Strip and green beans--Oh yeah! Cardio and weights tonight.

  36. My lunch was my PWO and I had a slice of zeke toast topped with fat free cream cheese, tomatoes, carrot salad, and broccoli sprouts.
    Not sure what's going to be for 2nd lunch. I might make some veggie stirfry.

  37. Jack in the Box So not worth it.

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