Motivation for working out?

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  1. pictures some girls tape model pics to their fridge (or wherever). Not me; I use pics of my self. If I'm grossed out, I'll do something about it and you can see your personal problem areas. Progressive pics help too, to see how well you're doing.

  2. smart. ha. thats a smart idea. thanks!

  3. ;)

  4. Put your workout clothes on and stand in the doorway. Always works for me.
    Commit yourself to 10 minutes.

  5. I don't know that is about motivation It's more about habit.
    Honestly, I don't even ask myself if I am "motivated" before I go to the gym. There is no internal debate.
    Do you have to be motivated to go to work in the morning?
    Do you have to be motivated to brush your teeth?
    Do you have to be motivated to take a shower?
    It's cliche, but just do it.
    Schedule regular time for exercise and keep your appointments.

  6. ^^ exactly gym = non-negotiable.
    It's also motivational if I set a weekly mini goal. For example, 'by Sunday, I want to lose 1 lb'.

  7. My own photo Taken when I was crossing the finish line of a race. Grinning from ear to ear, looking energetic.
    How much more motivation does one need than the reminder that is is FUN!!!

  8. Before it became routine, the best motivator for me was how I felt afterwards. I feel proud, I get an adrenaline rush, and I'm reminded what a healthy and great choice it was to actually work out instead of making excuses. I'm taking real responsibility for my body and my health and that's very empowering.
    You're not going to be happier with yourself by making excuses. So stop looking for motivation and just take charge and do it.

  9. maybe this will help you.
    when i was first trying to build a gym habit, i read an article that said that we can teach ourselves to believe in something we don't currently believe to be true by using positive reinforcement and positive imagery.
    i was pretty sure at the time that exercise was a chore and that going to the gym was something i had to make myself do.
    so i wrote notes for awhile and left them in my gym shoes about how i wanted to go to the gym because that's what people did who cared about their health and were healthy, and that's what i wanted to be.
    at the gym, i told myself i could go home in 10 minutes if i just wasn't into it. but i also told myself on the way that there wasn't a single thing or activity i could give myself that was more luxurious than spending time exercising - that it was completely selfish and benefited only me and that i should revel in that.
    and for a long time, i kept a blog about how i felt about when i did at the gym or food or exercise or whatever. i kept a little calendar on it that showed me a 10 day span of my life, and noted what exercise i had done or planned to do. (i don't keep a blog anymore, but instead have a wall calendar that i mark off what exercise i've done on what days.)
    and it all helped immensely, mostly bc i had already made up my mind that i was willing to change my life to have a better one.
    tell yourself that you don't just need to get in shape, but that you want to - and there's nothing that you want more. the positive language thing really does work.
    good luck to you.

  10. Similar to you Chi I entered my gym time as an appointment on my phone. So right when I left work my phone reminder would come up and say "Gym! Non negotiable!" and at home I have a huge white board calender that I draw a line through the day if I've completed my "activity goal" (some days it's cardio, some weights, my rest day is usually Sunday and in order to get a line through sunday I have to do somethign active even if it's just going for a liesurely stroll). Seeing this line go through weeks without breaking is incredibly motivating!

  11. I just schedule it I put it as a recurring appointment in Outlook so it pops up as a reminder not only on my laptop, but also on my PDA. It is my daily date with myself. Everything gets worked around my workout schedule instead of trying to fit a workout schedule in.

  12. music? great tips and things. Guys got some songs for my ipod? good for running?

  13. here's a link to an old thread about that
    Use the search dieting forum, there are lots more. I entered ipod songs. Try running songs, etc.

  14. It's funny It's funny that you said music, because that's basically all I was gonna post. I used to convince myself that I wanted to hear the music that I would listen to during my run. I'd go running basically just for the music. The other motivator was the feeling afterwards when you're cooling down after a run. It's like nothing in the world.
    Personally, I find that the best music to work out to is slightly harder, lyrically, not instrumentally. Although I'm not a major fan of the band, I'd recommend Linkin Park. Other than that, just load the playlist with upbeat stuff your interested in, or really anything you feel like focusing on to take your mind off of the workout.
    I'd also recommend Third Eye Blind, but that's more of a personal choice :)

  15. Lords of Acid and Praga Khan are good. Also, I have a great remix of INXS's "Need You Tonight." Also one of Cornershop's "Brimful of Asha." Korn is good too, but I like to work out angry ;)
    I like to use really long songs (like "Keep on Dancin'") so I can tell myself, "okay, I only have to do this for four songs. I can do that," and I still get in 20 minutes.

  16. Hmm... The Offspring is my favorite running music. Third Eye Blind.
    'Stronger' by Kanye
    'This is how a heart breaks' and 'How Far We've Come' by Rob Thomas
    'One Week' by Bareknaked Ladies
    'Trainwreck' by Mat Kearney
    Soemthing Corporate is decent too
    House music
    Daft Punk
    Cut Copy
    Scotty doesn't know
    I need words - the techno/trance stuff doesn't cut it for me

  17. I love Rob Thomas!

  18. Stop waiting for the Motivation Fairy There ain't no sucha thang.
    We all do exactly what we want to do.
    When you want to be lean and fit more than you want to sit on the couch and eat chips, then you will behave in a manner that is in line with being lean and fit.
    Make daily exercise a non-negotiable part of your day.
    Decide ONCE what your daily exercise routine/time will be and then DON'T EVEN START the conversation where you try to talk yourself out of it.

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