My before shots...yikes!

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  1. Your body shape is very similar to mine, I will post mine tomorrow.

  2. I let it all hang out in that side shot usually I suck my gut in but I figured why not let it all go.

  3. I did the same in my before picture. I figured, hey I have to be honest.

  4. Yep And now I know what I'll look like if I ever get preggers. :-)
    What's funny is when I suck in my tummy I actually have definition in my abs that you can see under the fat. I guess holding them in all the time has made them strong.

  5. Maybe I should try that I have very little ab muscle. Ab work is my least favorite exercise.

  6. me too. I try to work my abs while I walk I alternate butt clenches and ab clenches for the length of a song while I'm walking.

  7. If I had any points to rate you, they'd all be positives! I think you'll get a ton of use from before pictures (I know I have), and you'll really be able to appreciate the work you put forth toward your goal. Keep us posted! Kudos!

  8. Very bold, honest, and ready for great changes ahead. It'll take time, but you're starting off on the right foot by seeking support. Do you have a workout partner in pdx yet? If not, try to find one! They help so much. Trainers help, too, but friends to workout with you are free.

  9. I haven't found a partner here yet I don't know many people here. But I'm working on it. I'm going walking this afternoon with a woman from CL.

  10. So how was the walk; Did you 2 click?

  11. Well, actually we got our wires crossed a bit I thought we were going for a walk - she thought we were meeting for coffee to talk to see if it will work. :)
    But, it went well and we planned a hike for Monday and I still got my walk in so it's all good. And I found a new tea shop/lounge out of it so works for me!

  12. great pics!!!!!!!!! I think I figured out how to post mine, but it says my registration is too new to be allowed to post them yet. I'll try again in a few days.

  13. alright here are mine before 225 may~ish of 07 size 14 (tight)
    after 170 (started losing in june 07~ stopped working out really in nov 07~ stayed this weight the entire time, waiting for spring so i can get back outside and do stuff~ size 8)
    of course the shes not looking and talking pic on new years
    today, i decided to put something nice on for you guys :) ~~ not my house/room

  14. you're rockin' it girl! cool!

  15. Holy! You have quite the shape... Your figure could keep time Itty bitty...

  16. yea its major hourglass prob though when your a little heavy you get a double hip looking thing from your natural/ then where your pants end lol, that was the first thing i was happy to see go.

  17. Lookin Good.

  18. You look SO different! Your pics are very inspiring! GREAT JOB!

  19. Based on those photos I think you are well proportioned and will look very good as you lose your weight.
    I am a bit torso thick and it's quite a battle with thinner legs and wider shoulders and big gut.
    Kudos to you for being brave enough to post your photo. What a great start you are making.

  20. Something else that you may find helpful.... Hello,
    You go girl! Good for you! One of the things that I've found helpful in monitoring my weight loss (or gain - youch) is actually to take certain body measurements, once a month (same time of the month, too to avoid bloat, etc). Also helps since muscle is smaller, but weighs more, and screws with scale numbers.
    I measure the following:
    chest, just above breasts
    waist at smallest point
    biceps at largest point
    hips at largest
    5" below hips (largest part of thigh)
    3" above knees for quads
    and largest part of calves.
    Hope that helps... just another option! (I actually have some of these going back 15 years!).

  21. Yes, I plan on starting to do measurements too I judge less by weight than by fit/feel.

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