My wknd.....

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  1. you did all that fishing and you are eating ground turkey? ;)

  2. yeah... fishing here is done more for fun...u never hear of Los Angeles exporting any good seafood. hahaha.
    Just kidding. We usually do eat some of the fish, but we gave them to a friends family this time.
    And on Friday...we only caught a runny nose, and a couple of sting rays. lol

  3. I had a great weekend too! Got two great workouts in at the gym. Biking, running, HIIT on the treadmill, weights galore, AND a little yoga over the two days. I've been in a bit of a workout funk lately, but I just busted right out of the funk this weekend!
    PLUS, my SO and I decided to start a meal schedule for ourselves, a more simplified menu of meals and foods for the whole week. We both just really want to take more control over the food we eat by routinizing it a bit with our favorite healthier meals. I'm stoked. We're starting tomorrow!

  4. wow sounds like an awesome weekend! good for you!

  5. was a lot of fun but now i'm sore=) in a good way.
    Who knew all that fishing n walking could work so many muscles?hahaw

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