need to lose weight

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  1. If you have to lose 65 lbs by then and no less than the best thing you can do is starve yourself, like just smoke and drink cofee to curb your appetite but the weight will come right back after you start eating. If you want to healthily lose weight eat a balanced diet and exercise. I am a big fan of weight watchers flex program but you will probably only lose 1 -3 lbs a week so you probably wouldn't reach your 65 lb. goal by then.

  2. Well you can start by amputating your right leg. That should do away with about 20-30 lbs right there. Then make sure you starve yourself, smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of caffeine. That should get you a 65 lb weight loss in the 14 weeks you have.

  3. why do you NEED to is it for an event - you'll actually enjoy the event if you haven't made yourself sick by the time of the event. You'll feel great if you know you are on your way there and are healthy and everyone will still think you look great.

  4. There is SO much you can do Alright, I am not sure about loosing 65 pounds in 3 months, but here are some things you can do.
    1. Tell all your friends that you are trying to loose weight. When you let other people know, they can hold you to it. That means have your friends look out for you (cutting back on the sweets, making sure you work out, etc.).
    2. There are a few books that I have read that I really liked. The Abs Diet and The Metabolism Advantage. What both of these books preach is good eating and exercise. Now I know you might not want to exercise, but once you start, you won't want to stop.
    3. The eating is easier than you think. The books both come with recipes that are easy to make. Also, you should be eating 6 times a day. 3 big meals, and 3 snacks. By eating more, you keep your metabolism going. The more your metabolism is working, the more fat your burn.
    4. I know you want to loose weight NOW, but you need to take your health into account. Depending on how overweight you are, you might start to loose a lot of weight fast. It is when you have less body fat that it becomes harder to loose the weight.
    Be safe, and be realistic. You can loose 65 pounds, but do it right. Eat better and exercise. You will look better and feel better. If you can't put the work in, then you really don't want it.

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