NGHN- some possible material for your board?

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  1. More...

  2. Even more....And I'm spent! And of course, one to remind you to love thyself :)

  3. lol nice :) i'll have to save those and pick through them :)
    i do like "i gained 20lbs ask me how" that's definitely on the long term goal list. 20lbs would be kickass.

  4. good ones! I especially like the big girl panties lol

  5. Oh, and check out this site:
    I LOVE their billboards and have printed a few of em off. Reminds you to keep it all in perspective :)

  6. thanks guys! i'm psyched now :)

  7. nghn were you theo ne that posted the site that showed the different athletes and what their bodies were like? If so, could you post that again, I can't seem to find the link.

  8. hehe, check my handle. and those are definitely going on my board!
    they guy who took them is howard schatz. he does really amazing athlete photos. you should google him ( i would link but i can't access his site from work)

  9. thanks dahling

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