Night hunger

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  1. How 'bout a banana, or some oatmeal? Something with a bit of fiber in it, to give you that satisfied, full feeling.
    Or maybe a glass of milk?

  2. i've been eating cottage cheese and a piece of fruit.
    in the past, if i've exercised at night, i've had a bowl of cheerios with skim milk.
    if i didn't usually eat yogurt during the day, i might go with that as well.

  3. Celery Try celery or actually any green vegetable will do. High in nutrition and low in calories.

  4. cottage cheese it takes 8 hours to digest and it is protein so you will be feeding your muscles while you sleep.
    Have 1/2 cup and some sliced tomatoes with tobasco and cracked pepper.

  5. The cottage doubles.... are also really good! They have cottage cheese on one side and fruit (either peach, blueberry, strawberry) on the other side.

  6. Or just add as tsp of jelly or jam and skip the packaging.

  7. those were my gateway to the world of cottage cheese. i was desperate on a business trip for something that didn't need a bowl or a microwave and decided it was worth the dollars to try it out.
    eating the breakstone's cottage cheese doubles for a week definitely helped me learn what a portion size is when it comes to cottage cheese and low sugar jam.

  8. trips/portable meals are what they're made for but when it's 3am and the OP is opening the fridge, the jelly's right there in the door, usually.
    just sayin' no to excess packaging, that's all!

  9. Special K protein bars I live o a diet. To me these protein bars are delish. Special K peanut butter protein bars are yummy and make me feel satisfied for hours.

  10. I like to heat some milk in the microwave, foam it with a stick blender, and stir in a little Trader Joe's hot chocolate mix. I use 1% milk. The milk is good because it has protein, milk sugar and a wee bit of fat, so it is not out of your system rapidly like a piece of bread would be.
    A 4 ounce low fat yogurt also works.
    The latter is preferably if you have any lactose sensitivities.

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