Official weigh in day :)

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  1. congrats on your weight loss! Are you getting enough protein? How much sleep do you get? Are you under a lot of stress?

  2. Easy does it Try not to think of losing 2 lbs a week...especially consistently. I thought that way when I first started Weight Watchers in early February. I did great and set milestones, thinking by a certain date I'd have lost 25 lbs but that didn't work. I finally did hit my 25 lb mark, but the next 8 lbs took about 6 weeks. I'm not at the point where I work to keep what I've lost off.
    Good luck.

  3. Welcome! I have found that the mornings that I don't exercise, I am more tired throughout the day. While I am super tired at the end of my workout (due to time of day and amount of work I have done), I am MUCH better throughout the day.
    Making small goals to reach will help get to the big picture too. Keep in mind that the 2 pounds may not happen, for example, most people hit a plateau at least once, if not more often, in their journey. Not that it is a bad goal, just keep in mind, that the journey doesn't have to end if you don't hit that mark every week.
    Try looking at what you are eating too. Since you didn't share that, it is possible that you have things that are higher in sugars and things that burn quickly, giving you a burst of energy, then drop off later. Protein helps you feel full longer and gives steady energy.
    And there are many more people here with MUCH more knowledge than I . . . if you keep reading, or even searching, you will find MANY answers for your questions (and even some good recipes too!)

  4. WW I have been following the WW core of protein, no sugars, no excess carbs. I feel good, other than being exhausted at about 4pm, just in time to go to work :(

  5. core is not a low carb plan its a low flour&sugar plan

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