Peer Pressure Cascade:

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  1. okay Who is going to the gym/to exercise tonight?
    I will be going at 5:30/6:00
    Who is looking forward to it?
    I actually really am looking forward to it. It means I'll be out of work :)
    Who wants us to check in tomorrow to make sure they went?
    no need, I go. I always do.

  2. me me I am going to be in late tonight from a dinner but I MUST do weight because I did not over the weekend. I want to do some push-ups and shoulder exercises with my free weights tonight, along with my abs.
    It's not much but I'm starting slow. It's a miracle that I just stick to some form of exercise right now.
    Please check in on me! That will motivate me to really do it!

  3. I am. I always look forward to the gym Gym is not my problem.
    Freakin' Easter candy is.

  4. I'm going I'm not looking forward to it.
    Marvel is my virtual subsititute gym partner.

  5. too. much. pressure. must. post. I'm going tonight... gotta start my week off right.
    I actually am looking a little forward to it! I'm doing weights and a little running afterward.
    Sure, check in tomorrow. Keep me honest.

  6. I'm going... and bringing four people with me.
    I always look forward to Monday night workouts.
    No need to check to see if I went. Just know I went and had a kick butt workout.

  7. amen.

  8. ha. i love it. I already went. 5am. yup. I did upper body weights and ran.
    I have class tonight but I actually like working out first thing in the a.m.

  9. I'm definitely going to work out after work. Often, it's the best part of my day.

  10. I haven't trained in 4 days and I feel a little squirrely and pent up.
    Tomorrow I'm back at it and will read all your crazy exercise posts for the "hooyeah!" I want.

  11. Responses .... I don't belong to a gym, but I am exercising today. I've already biked 5 miles around the neighborhood... and still plan to walk the dog, probably bike some more ... and maybe even use the recumbant exercise bike this evening.
    I am looking forward to doing all of these things.
    I'd be happy to check in tomorrow, but I've already biked today!
    Great post, by the way!

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